Weekend at a glance: it feels like summer #70


Despite working overtime most of the weekend, I had a pleasant Saturday with friends. I finally got my butt up early and off to church service at Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church. Although I’m indifferent to a lot of the traditions in the SDA faith, I do miss the worship. The SDA hymnal really is a cut above the rest. But more than the music, I want to leave church feeling as though I learned something. And Pastor Russell always does that. As infrequently as I visit, each time I go, I leave with a great message tailored just for me.

This past Sabbath, he started a new series called Simple Church – Part 1: Community.  Of course I would love that, lol.

There’s always this quest…to be in community with people. We all have a need to know people fully…but we all have a need to be known by other people.

We’re so into “us” that we don’t understand community.

How is it that you can be surrounded by so many people and still feel lonely? He begins by saying he doesn’t have a solution to this problem.

Wait…….I just found the ENTIRE sermon on YouTube. Will you look at God already?! Yeessh. Technology is amazing. Let me know if you see me in the third row, center 😀

Anyway, I won’t try to summarize what he said. I love how Russell preaches and teaches the Word. Just watch.

After church, I met up with a few friends at Paschal’s for Rashad’s birthday celebration. No shade to Drake but new friends are equally as good as old friends. Old or new, I enjoy being around good energy, genuine and kind-hearted people. And of course, a Sabbath isn’t complete without a photo-op. At least not with these guys, lol. We had a blast.





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Oh. And wasn’t the full moon this weekend AMAZING!!! Probably one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.


miss lucy


  1. Love the dress! Gorgeous! I also go to Berean every time I come to Atlanta…born and raised SDA, but I am not in agreement with every, single standard of this religion, but as a whole, it holds true to my heart. My church is Oakwood University Church in Huntsville, AL.

    • Thank you much! Berean is definitely the place to be and be seen, lol.
      I think it’s that way with a lot of religions. Good intentions, I’m sure.

  2. I love the shoes, but I’m so afraid of stiletos because of my huge feet therefore, I go with stacked or espadrilles. I totally understand about not going to church every week but God always meets you where you are and it’s almost like magic when it’s a word that you need to hear when you do go. He is so awesome.

    Keep up the good work, I just love your blog. I only subscribe to two and yours is one of them. Check out mine when you get a chance cellascell.blogspot.com it’s not fancy, just my thoughts.

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