Weekend at a Glance: B Fab Awards 2014 #97

I don’t think I mentioned it on here but I was nominated for Best Lifestyle Blogger by Tastemaker Magazine for the second annual (B Fab) Bloggers Fashion + Beauty Awards. What a surprise! This past Sunday was the award show and I had a blast. I really wasn’t going in expecting to win anything so I’m glad because I didn’t, lol. I did get some FREE pampering services in the morning of, thanks to one of the sponsors, StyleSeat. Image credit: Tastemaker Magazine

b fab awards atlanta

My curls were popping, all thanks to The Beauty Enhancer, La-Toya. My nails (not pictured) were also super cute thanks to the double tagging efforts of Mercedes and Vatrina of Tri Me Natural Lounge.

Of course I forgot to take a picture of my outfit. Nothing new. Just a simple dress I’ve worn many times. But my shoes…those are my new favorites.

But lets talk about how oftentimes you can spend hours on your face and still come up looking short. But when you give yourself a super quick beat, it looks so much better! So that’s what I did.

b fab awards atlanta

Me and Tiffini, founder of Tastemaker Magazine.

b fab awards atlanta

Me and some of the nominees. Image cred: Donna Neddo (donedo05 on YouTube).

b fab awards atlanta

Same photo, different lighting. Image cred: Bee Wade.

b fab awards atlanta

My friend Kwasi and last year’s Lexus Style Blazer, SirGarde. Photo cred: Bee Wade.

b fab awards atlanta

Congratulations to all the winners:

Lexus Style Blazer: Tiffany Olson of Tiffany Style
Best Hair Blogger: Whitney of Naptural85
Best Curvy Girl Blogger: Marie Denee of Marie Denee Blog
Best Thrifter Blogger: Rashon Carraway of Mr. Goodwill Hunting
Best Beauty Blogger: Rebecca B. Wade of All Thing’s Bee
Best Lifestyle Blogger: Mandy Kellogg Rye of Waiting on Martha

Thank you to the sponsors: Lexus, StyleSeat, V103 Atlanta, Beautiful Textures, Cat Head Vodka, Cover Girl, Dark and Lovely and GlamUp Gloves. Thank you to my hair and nail folks: TrimMe Nails and The Beauty Enhancer. Most importantly, thank you to Tiffini Gatlin, for creating the B. FAB Awards and letting us bloggers shine.

For more images, check out Tastemaker Magazine and Bee Wade.


  1. Kim Jackson Reply

    Congratulations, darling! Who told you FORevs ago that this little blog of yours is AH-MAZE!? So proud of you, friend. xxk

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