The Pay Black Movement

One of my childhood friends recently moved back to Atlanta temporarily. She’s one of those genuine friends that really isn’t easy to come by these days. And one of the few people that I can truly say has been true to herself through all of her years. We got to chatting about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, when an idea sparked to start something called The Pay Black Movement.

She said I inspired the idea but I don’t remember what I said, lol. I just knew that I needed help with photography and I wanted her to help me. Wait, maybe that was the spark? Anywho, we finally got a chance to meet up and work together on her 30th birthday. Magic was definitely made.

The Pay Black Movement | Lucy's Pearls

What is the Pay Black Movement?

The Pay Black Movement is one photographer, accepting Black Excellence as currency for her services.

When you don’t work a 9-5, there are some things you can’t explain to those who do. And I’m not trying to sound all exclusive. I’ve worked a 9-5 the majority of my working career so I know that side. But there are conversations you have with those that work for themselves and they just get IT. No explanations necessary. And I’m just grateful to be able to have those creative sessions with creative people.

[Tweet “Entrepreneurship a lonely road to be on; you have to have support from those that understand.”]

These people help you grow. The encouragement from these people push you to keep nurturing your craft.

The Pay Black Movement | Lucy's Pearls

I’m not sure why she sent me this picture, or why I still posted it.

The Pay Black Movement | Lucy's Pearls

I was trying to serve some Whitney Houston greatness here.

The Pay Black Movement | Lucy's Pearls

I had a video clip to add here but my iMovie skills are subpar. Give me 300 years to figure it out.

If you live in Atlanta and you’re Black (lol, sorry), my friend Tatiana is accepting new client requests at – Hit her up and follow on Instagram!