The Journey to Clear Skin: So Damn Unpretty Pt 2

It’s been a week and I’ve seen such great improvement in my skin! First, let me tell you all my skin regimen and the products that work for me.

Being that I am crazy about natural or mostly natural products, I chose to use an array of products that would illustrate that. Initially I was going to try all Kiss My Face products but I couldn’t find it in stock at the store.

So, my regimen goes as follows:

I used those everyday, in that order.  Here is how my skin has improved.

  • Day Five–no more dry patches or dark spots
  • Day Eight–skin is dewy, without make up


how to clear your skinhow to clear your skin

how to clear your skinhow to clear your skin


  1. You skin looks GREAT!!!
    thanks for the mask suggestion. i was just looking for one on Saturday. Aubrey Organics …. FTW!

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