Oprah isn’t the only one with a favorite things list. Albeit, her favorite things list on Amazon is pretty awesome. Last year, I created a holiday gift guide for bloggers. This year, I want to focus on you ladies who want to be awesome, too. And to be awesome, you need some tools. Here are some inspiring holiday gifts for any gal, that will inevitably make you crush 2016.

2015 holiday gift guide

8 Inspiring Holiday Gifts That Will Make You Crush 2016

  1. Boss Lady Coffee Mug – This is for you coffee and tea drinkers. I love a simple graphic on a mug that gets straight to the point. If you’re a boss chick, let em know! Good dose of inspiration to start your day.
  2. The 52 Lists Project JournalOh my goodness! I saw this on The Blog Market site and nearly died! I wish I would’ve known about it before purchasing my 2016 journal. But I may still get it because of all the prompts inside. Actually, I’m getting it. It’s so me. And you should too!
  3. ‘I Believe’ Quote Canvas Bag – If you don’t already know, I think Audrey Hepburn is my European mother, and also a saint. I’m a firm believer in words and the power they hold. Cute little bag to hold random little things.
  4. Amazon Echo – Now this is on Oprah’s list so you know it’s legit. But also, it really is pretty cool and responsive. It’s voice-controlled so ask it a question and it’ll answer it for you. Give it a task, like playing music or describing the weather around you, and it’d done! It’ll even read audiobooks for you. Sounds way better than Siri to me.
  5. Heart-Patterned Water Bottle – Can you tell I’m also big on graphics? Add anything black and white and I’m sold. We all know that water is essential to life. But drinking it out of a cute stainless steel bottle makes it even easier to do.
  6. Dazzling iPhone Case – I hate covering up the gold of my phone. Having a clear phone case with a splash of color makes me feel fancy and cool. It also makes me feel like I’m about to take the best iPhone photo ever.
  7. Polaroid Instant Camera – We’re always about instant gratification and expect no less with our pictures. Do you remember the old polaroids that used to come out on the polaroid paper? Remember having to shake it for a few minutes before being able to see the image? This new polaroid has an internal printer that instantly prints your photo right out of the camera. How about that for technology?
  8.  Get Shit Done Poster – Need I say more? Put this poster in a place that you can see everyday to remind you to get on task.

If you end up purchasing any of these gifts, let me know! I want everyone to be great. And in the event I can’t everything myself (I should pray to become a baller), I hope to live vicariously through you. Go be great in 2016!