There is no shortage of women who slay in all different industries but the creatives are my favorite. Today, I’m sharing some fairly new (to me) creative women I’ve followed online with you all. If you didn’t know, now you know.

5 Female Creatives You Need to Know and Follow Now

Alexandra Elle

female creative alex elle

I’ve been following this young lady on social media for many years now, finally getting to meet her in person two years ago. She wears many hats, as most creatives do. She calls herself a “writer, public speaker, poet, photographer,  jewelry designer, author, plant-powered skin care maker, self-care enthusiast”. I’d like to add “healer”, for good measure.

You may not recognize her immediately but I promise you’ve seen her words online. Her recognition has no effect on the humility that she continues to display. Her writing and poetry is honest and relatable. She’s not ashamed to speak on her past and say the things others are afraid to say. This is why Alex is loved. She is wise beyond her years.

Maura Chanz Washington

female creative maura chanz

I met this lively young lady at Alex Elle’s event. Actually, that wasn’t the first time I met her. She stood (and danced) next to me at an Emily King concert. It was at the hair event, sitting at the same table, that we realized that we had a previous encounter. Maura has the type of personality that can energize you for days. I’m sure her parents knew she was destined for greatness at a very young age.

A recent graduate of Spelman College, former intern/ambassador at BET’s What’s at Stake?, current host of The Bossip Report and business owner, it’s safe to say Maura is living her dreams. It’s truly a pleasure to watch her grow. Black girls everywhere are rooting for your success, sis!

Eryn Eddy Erickson

female creative eryn eddy

It’s no secret that the people I gravitate towards are those that thrive in telling authentic stories. Eryn took an inspirational Tumblr blog and created a company promoting self-worth. A few years ago, I was able to team up with Eryn and model a limited tee from her company, So Worth Loving, and I’m so glad I did.

Eryn has been able to build a community for people to share heartfelt stories and life experiences that reinforce her company’s message of love. To love yourself and to love people.

Franchesca Ramsey

female creative franchesca ramsey

Remember when all those Sh*t ____ Say videos came out? Remember how the only one you remembered was the Sh*T White Girls Say…To Black Girls? Needless to say, this girl is funny. She was already a well-known Youtuber before that video went viral but since then, she’s been seen literally everywhere by MILLIONS of people. And now that she has our attention, she’s using her platforms to discuss social issues, particularly on race, feminism, homophobia and rape culture. The way that she tackles every ignorant comment head-on is really why I admire her. She isn’t afraid to use her voice to shed light on systematic injustices.

We’ve seen her on MTV’s Decoded and now at her new gig as staff writer at Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. I love watching her daily snap’s as she openly communicates with her viewers about how she’s dealing with all of these new opportunities.

Melissa Kimble

female creative melissa kimble

When I say this girl right here has a PURE heart…Melissa is one of the most notable social influencers and one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter. Melissa founded My Creative Connection, a platform for millennials of color, to share and collaborate with other like-minded individuals. She uses her social media prowess to create truly invaluable weekly Twitter chats (#blkcreatives). She’s our cheerleader, really interested and excited to see everyone win.

I’m very appreciative of the women who are cultivating their own paths, on their terms. You ladies are an inspiration to girls like me who desire to do work that is aligned with our truths. Thank you for being you!

Photo credit: CreateHER Stock