Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life.

Very near and dear to my heart is young girls. I grew up a weird child. Lol. I loved to be alone. I’m sure a lot of women can chime in with me and saying you didn’t have the ideal childhood. But the kids growing up nowadays have to deal with much more than I did. Shoot, all I was doing was reading romance novels and watching Guiding Light at nine. Today, young girls are getting pregnant at nine. Although the situations are drastically different, I’m sure the core of our issues are the same: a lack of guidance.

It’s so easy to bring a child into this world but so much more difficult to raise them and rear them into the right direction. I know I’m fearful of that. We have so many girls growing up way too fast. It makes me sad. I just want them to enjoy being kids before “getting grown”.

So my hope is to start an organization for young girls one day. The details on that is in the works. 🙂