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Lucy’s Pearls is a lifestyle blog focused on inspiring visionary women who want to live bold, authentic lives. Through colorful storytelling and lessons gleaned from life experiences, women are encouraged to share their truths, unrehearsed. Lucy helps women discover how they can apply those lessons and stories to their journey to self-discovery. As a vessel, Lucy’s mission is to utilize her experiences to inspire you to live, not just exist.

On this blog, you’ll find posts about inspiration, style, faith, travel, food, beauty, personal musings and so much more.


It was junior year in high school when I’d decided to become a photographer. I’ve always been a natural observer. I remember watching films and viewing work by Gordon Parks and wanting to be just like him. In college, I studied to become a photojournalist; Mr. Parks’ visual take on the world was my inspiration. When I officially started this blog back in January 2010, I wanted to chronicle my love of photography. The goal was to use this space as a 365 day project. Six years later, I’m still exploring and sharing with you what I see through colorful storytelling. Sharing what I see in the world with you is what I love.

Hola! I’m Lucy and I love inspiring women to live an authentic life through written, transparent truths. I believe that deep down, we have an idea of who we are at our core. I believe that the truth, no matter how raw, is the only thing we should accept and understand. I incorporate a visual aspect to my writing because that’s how I see beauty. My resources are my perspectives. My tools are my lessons. Welcome!

I’m inspired by many things – emotion, faith, photography and culture – and I like to share what I’ve learned with you. I consider myself to be a creative, my opinions and ideas are always evolving. You can say my personality is a good bit of Zooey Dechanel and Audrey Hepburn. I [used to] love bacon (all about that pescatarian, part-time vegan life now), and I still love Jesus and tattoos.

When I’m not blogging, I’m most likely exploring new restaurants around town, traveling, taking pictures or reading blogs dedicated to SELF – awareness, development/discovery and, expression.

I’ve written close to 800 posts on this blog. Unfortunately, I won’t be updating this sacred place any longer. I am working to organize this blog so that it works more like a portfolio for me. But until then, you should know that I’m kind of a big deal. I was famous once. Tastemaker Magazine recognized and nominated as one of the Best Lifestyle Bloggers in 2014. Annnd, I was on the same page as Ludacris and Usher in Jezebel Magazine. I’m humble, I promise.

While I haven’t been blogging, I’ve been doing other things, like writing a book and freelance writing. Also, stay up to date with me via my newsletter, where I receive access to a free library of worksheets and other resources relevant to living an authentic life. Check me out!

I’m always available by email. Contact me at lucy@lucydazilma.com.

Shine bright!

xo, Lucy



  1. Deuce Cole Reply

    I seen your tweet about updating your blog and descided I’ll stop by and check it out. It’s beautiful, keep up the good work.

  2. Love this new about page and the new layout. Keep up the great work, sis! #lucyfan

  3. Hello Lucy, I’ve nominated you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” award. Please check out IslandScribbler for the rules on how to accept. Continue to share your inspirations.

  4. Uhh such a breath of fresh air. Oh the freedom that you provide via your blog is priceless! God bless you for it!!

  5. Lucy,

    I don’t know how I’ve missed out on your blog all this time but I absolutely love it. You’re awesome!


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