I mean, Winter has to be the most unrelenting of all seasons, isn’t it?

I’ve experienced some harsh Winters in Atlanta but THIS one? I’m definitely having the winter blues. Geez. I would completely welcome the snow but Lord, please take away this wind. Bundled up in leggings, two layers of socks and a hoodie in the house. It’s ridiculous. This Floridian girl (hey, I still claim the first 14 years of my life) cannot wait until Summertime.

You see how quickly I snatched up a sweatshirt after posting about it, right? Like I mentioned before, I generally don’t wear them because they make me look like a child. I’ve found that when you roll up your sleeves a quater of the way, it totally girlifies the look.

Whenever I wear these shoes, everyone, and I mean everyone asks me wear I got them from. I bought them for my birthday last year from Zara. They’re super comfortable. And because I need to wear more of the [now] expensive shoes I buy, I plan on wearing them more often. Zara should really pay me for this publicity though…

Sweatshirt: Target | Faux leather pants & necklace: F21 | Bag: Thrifted | Shoes: Zara