We all love Beyonce. Even when you hate her, it all stems from love. We applaud her for her talent and diligence. After the surprise self-titled album she so graciously bestowed upon us this past Friday, she deserves an extra star on her crown. Bless you, angel.


So imagine the amount of pleasure I received from reading such cunningly contrived tweets about King Bey’s album. A slapstick mass of tweets dedicated to some of Beyonce’s less than stellar lyrics. It’s like when you’re listening to her music, you’re duck-lipping, booty-popping and dutty-wining. But when the music stops and you actually research those lyrics on Rap Genius, and you’re all like…


I read those tweets and I honestly could not stop laughing. Seriously, you people of Twitterlandia, you are smaaaart and you are important to the internet. You cleverly came up with dissertation-worthy titles for hashtags.

I love you all on days like today. And instead of retweeting it all in my timeline, I’m sharing my favorite tweets on the blog…to commemorate forever.






Keep this going. Y’all know ain’t nothing happening till Scandal returns. Until we meet again.

miss lucy