Remember that post last week when I said I needed to go on an adventure? Well, I did that and then some. I was inspired by the Ford Fiesta Movement and did the absolute most in one weekend.

As you know, every Monday, I post a weekend recap of things I did in the city. I knew I was limited on time as every minute was accounted for so I couldn’t go bungee jumping (sorry Bekky). I always post pictures but after seeing this video, I thought doing something like it would be even more interesting.

So what all did I do?

Friday and Saturday, I worked at Music Midtown. If you’re unfamiliar with this, it’s an annual festival held at Piedmont Park in Atlanta. Since I was selling beer (Dos Equis, baby), I got to experience it all for the freesky. Who in their right mind would turn down an opportunity to see Journey?? Well, I couldn’t really see them, but I heard them crystal clear. I did see 2 Chainz, Jane’s Addiction, Imagine Dragons and a few others. All AWESOME.

Oh, and I did a cart-wheel.

Sunday was my first blog event. I’ve wanted to do one for some time now but, I don’t know, I suppose fear got in the way. Anyway, besides a few hiccups, it went well.

Check out the video below and tell me what you think. I couldn’t have gotten this video done without the editing skills of my friend Ben Styles. Technology is not my friend. Did I have an adventurous weekend, or what?

Now, it’s Monday, I’m at work, and I’m officially a zombie. But it was worth it.

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