You know those days when there’s so much to do that you don’t really want to do anything? That’s pretty much how I felt this weekend.

We had our annual Halloween party at work with the kids. This was probably the largest turnout. The kids and parents alike had a lot of fun.

So….I’ve been going to bed like this for a while now. I won’t say how long. Have I ever mentioned how much I do not like doing my hair? As it grows longer, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to manage. Trying to think of hairstyles every week…and God forbid it’s wash day. Anyway, I had a lot of friends coming in town so I decided to at least twist it nicely. I watched this video and remixed it a bit. Like I said, I hate washing my hair so I just misted my strands (lol), then continued with a Beautiful Textures Leave-In to detangle, Beautiful Textures moisture butter to twist and coconut oil to add shine.

It turned out okay minus the shrinkage. I’m sure every natural girl can relate.

OMG. I met this dude back in…2008?? Back when he had big hair. We immediately hit it off. I love love crazy fun people. So good to spend time with him. Hey Veech!

Friday night my friend text me asking if I wanted to go to the Foreign Exchange concert. I declined. Although I have the majority (if not all) of their albums. I just never got into the music. Made me sleepy and didn’t really draw me in. But as with a lot of artists, seeing them live is a whole other experience. So anyway, I declined but then a few minutes later, she said the ticket was free so I made myself available lololol. Y’all wonder how I’m able to afford all the events I attend. I don’t be paying (sometimes), my friends.

It sucks that I wasn’t completely familiar with all the songs but I did enjoy the music. Nicolay is a beast and so is ZO.

What I wasn’t expecting being physically attracted to Phonte. WHOA. So, I have a soft-spot for chunky dudes. Not like giggly but firm, lol. He mentioned going to the gym and you can definitely tell. He just looks so good to me. He has a beautiful smile, awesome tattoos, he’s funny and he can dance. I kept smiling at him like a fool. Ahhhh!

Lydie, Veronica and I. Minus all the fellas.

My friend Verbatum Jones was in town but we never got to spend any quality time until Sunday. Funny enough, this was only our second time seeing each other in person since we officially met two years ago. Yet, I’m closer to him than some I’ve known forever. I just love him to pieces. Kindred spirits.

Of course, I took him to one of my favorite spots in Atlanta.

He was so happy to be here. Look how his eyes shine LOL.

We went on a rooftop and chilled some more.

CLASSIC Haitian pose.

In this pose, the woman must place a stiff hand on the shoulder of her man and he must cross his hands. No smiling though.

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Good times. I miss him already!!

Weekend To Come:

North Georgia Corn Maze

Alpharetta Restaurant Week 

Chastain Park Arts Festival 

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