I’m pretty sure this past weekend has been the most eventful of 2011 so far. Here are a few highlights and shout outs.


I went to an art show at Studio Clout¬†in Atlanta featuring the work of two people I know: Fenton Thompson and Simone Stanley. Fenton is a painter and Simone does what she calls Feltraits (felt + portraits). Seriously, check them out. They are legit! I’ll vouch. ūüėČ

simone stanley

simone stanley

simone stanley simone stanley

Simone Stanley
fenton thompson fenton thompson
fenton thompson
Fenton Thompson
One of my friends is working on her photography portfolio and asked me and a few other Haitian young ladies to be her models. It was such a beautiful day and I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.
Y’all know I love food and like to share every chance I get. Thanks to Scoutmob, there’s so many more restaurants I can try for half the price. I attended a birthday celebration Saturday night at El Azteca. Loooove¬†me some Mexican food! I went to the one off Ponce de Leon¬†but I love the Buckhead location. Check it out!