Weekend at a Glance: One Music Fest 2013 #76

With only an hour to spare, I purchased my discounted ticket to Atlanta’s annual One Music Fest. Last year, I saw A LOT of my favorite musical artists. This year, I passed on the opportunity to see some in the name of “saving” money. I regret it just a bit. I was going back and forth with whether I would attend OMF but being able to see Luke James and Amel Larrieux made all the difference. Except, Amel got sick and was replaced by none other than Erykah Badu. And who wouldn’t want to see Medulla Oblongata?

The parking situation was RIDICULOUS. My husband Luke James was scheduled to perform at 2pm. I entered the part at 2:39pm. I was told that his set [time] was over. I was devastated!! But as fate would have it, as I got closer to the stage, the host announced that he was about to perform. God is so so so good!

He started off with his shirt on. Mind you, he performed for all of fifteen minutes.

luke james one music fest

I looked down, then back up to see a half naked ADONIS.

luke james one music fest

To protect the…feelings that you might have…I decided not to upload the videos I took.

Anyway. After that, I was pretty much good to go home, really. But I stopped by one of the vendors called Bombay Gal Butik. She had super cute products, including a $5 bracelet that I purchased.

one music fest

one music fest

So I’m just walking around by myself, enjoying the different DJ sets and the awesome weather when I see a topless man walking through the grassy area. A familiar topless man. I thought to myself, “no, he wouldn’t be walking amongst us peasants this way”. Sure enough, it was Luke James walking around with his management team. This was my only chance to say something. So I went up to his (I’m assuming) manager and asked if I could take a picture with him. He said to follow him to one of the booths. Next thing you know, it was just Luke and I standing side by side. As he stretched, surely because he was so tired from gyrating on the stage, I asked him a simple question. “So………….can I take a picture with you?” He stopped stretching, looked over at me, PUT HIS ARM AROUND MY WAIST AND PROCEEDED TO KISS ME ON THE LIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, that’s what happened in my head. What really happened is we put our arms around each others waists and snapped an Instagram selfie. He didn’t say a word to me but it was more than enough. His gaze said, “girl come get this picture” and I was all like, “here I come boo.”

luke james one music fest

If you’re familiar with Jesus Christ, you’re well aware that He performs miracles and answers all prayers. And when something is bound to happen, you know this to be a prophetic thing. Only God could have orchestrated this beautiful beginning.

I just wanted to add this here, for whoever needs it. Don’t steal my ish, tho.

luke james one music fest

I met up with my music buddy and cool hippie friend, Lynn.

one music fest

I did typical things like eat chicken wings (which by the way were DELICIOUS! thanks, P’Cheen).

one music fest

And showed off the fact that I can go bra-less pretty much anywhere.

one music fest

I’m not a huge hip-hop fan so I couldn’t tell you half of the people I completely ignored. But I was definitely entertained by Miss Erykah. Even with technical difficulties (she was only supposed to DJ but her equipment wouldn’t work), she gracefully freestyled and won the crowd.

erykah badu one music fest

And we put our 1’s up, cuz she said so.

one music fest

I remember seeing the cover art of this group’s album but never did look them up. Regrets. Quadron is freakin amazing. CoCo’s smooth as silk voice, mixed with her soulful band, were very pleasing to my ears.

quadron one music fest

After spending almost six hours in the heat and drinking one Dos Equis, I was pretty much ready to go, for real this time. After Ceelo and Goodie Mob performed, I was out. This OMF was so much better than last year. Congrats to J Carter and his team.

miss lucy

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  1. The luke james daydream part had my friend and I rolling cos we were freaking out till the “actually… ” part. Nice one. You always have the best event recap. Great seeing you.

  2. If you’re familiar with Jesus Christ, you’re well aware that He performs miracles and answers all prayers.

    haaaaaa! I almost spit out my water. you look great! and he is CUTE! LOL

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