This past weekend was the first time all summer (I think) when the weather was perfect and I actually did something everyday. Friday night, my friend Naomie and I went to a live taping for a gospel artist named James Fortune. First of all…I have never in my life experienced such…I don’t even know the word to describe how disgusted I was. Long story short, we waited in line for close to an hour after they announced that the concert was oversold. I just don’t understand how you continue to sell tickets once you’ve reach capacity of the venue but, oh wells. From that moment until they miraculously found seats for us, people screamed, pushed, crowded and damn near protested. It got ugly, at a church event, no less. We got in and the show was long, but GREAT.

By the way, I love being Black. LOOK AT US!!!

Naomie is probably one of the most stylish people I know personally. And she did my makeup. Thanks boo!

Saturday, I spent the entire day with my friend Nykita. Oh, how I love her. She was only visiting Atlanta (from Liberia) for a short time but I soaked up as much of her energy as I could.

What’s a weekend without brunch?? We made our way to ole faithful Park’s Edge. Where the wait is long and the people are many. Especially on this day. We skipped the wait, though, and sat at the bar. I promise it tasted as good as it looks.

If you’re ever in the Old Fourth Ward area, stop by Frutella after your meal. It’s the only location and their frozen yogurt is delish.

I meant to go to Atlanta Streets Alive on Sunday but…I didn’t. Instead, I hung out with my friend Ben. He’s pretty stylish too, I promise.

miss lucy