Weekend at a Glance: Heat Free Hair Atlanta #95

heat free hair atlanta

Last Sunday, I attended the Heat Free Hair brunch, hosted by the lovely Alex Elle. If you’re unfamiliar with this charming young lady, then you really need to update your social media pages. She has wooed us with her words as a writer and gained our respect for always being so transparent and positive. Alex Elle is the epitome of grace .

Back to Heat Free Hair. Now, I absolutely hate doing my hair. I’m also not a huge fan of weaves because I don’t think I look like myself in them. I love my kinky-coily hair but if it could be bigger, I’d just die. So when I found out about a company that allows beautiful natural girls to wear natural extensions, I was intrigued. I mean, look at the versatility of this hair!

Heat Free Hair was created by salon owner, Ngozi Opara, for women who were in need of protective styling while either transitioning or otherwise. My hair is doing some weird things right now and I’m over it. I cannot wait to get some of this goodness on my head.

heat free hair atlanta

So glad I got to meet freakin Asiyami in person! She’s one of my favorite creative people on Instagram.

heat free hair atlanta

Alex recently chopped all her glorious hair off. I applaud her because it is a brave thing to do. Many women feel as if they don’t have the face to rock a bald style but you really never know unless you try. I did it and I loved it. It’s the ultimate F*ck You to any and everyone who has their opinions about what you should do with your hair.

heat free hair atlanta

Have you joined the Heat Free Hair movement? Did you love your hair?


  1. So many beautiful ladies with beautiful hair!!!! I shall continue to live through you with all these natural hair events. I’m not in ‘the know’ OR anywhere near said events!

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