Weekend at a glance: food & visits #18

So I’m trying this cooking thing again. If it wasn’t for survival and lack of funds to hire a professional, I’d give up on it. But alas, I must live. So I decided to make lasagna. Something of a staple in the Dazilma home growing up. I used to make it all the time my freshman year in college. This was my first time making it in well over four years. I decided to try the no boil pasta by Barilla. Eh. I think I like boiling my lasagna noodles better. The end result could’ve been much more moist had I boiling the noodles. So no, I will not purchase that no boil pasta again. Otherwise, it was pretty good.



And I totally had friends in town. Hey guys! Coming again!



  1. Santra Denis Reply

    I love the no boil! You have to go heavy on the meat sauce when you use it though.

  2. Yessss! That’s what I realized afterwards. Like you literally have to use a can and a half of sauce or it’ll be dry.

  3. CharlieCran Reply

    You’re cooking?? I’m so happy! You gotta cook for me when I come

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