Weekend at a glance: family first #73

Recently, my grandfather had open heart surgery. Not sure how that affected everyone else but it made me very scared being that he’s my only surviving grandparent. Yesterday was his 80th birthday and I’m so glad that God saw fit that we could all spend a little time with him. He is a very caring and quiet man and I love him very much.

photo (4)

I’ve pretty much known this girl my entire existence. She is one of the most supportive friends I’ve ever had. Like, really. Whatever my dream, aspiration, vision, she’s behind me 200%. She is forever loyal and I’m forever grateful for her friendship. Everyone needs a Santra in their life. She’s the real deal.

Saturday night, we toured the Hollywood area nightlife. It was past eleven and the people were just getting started. There’s something about the spirit of the people in South Florida…they truly live in the moment.

photo (7)

We dined at a Greek restaurant where I had the most delectable roasted lamb ever in my life. My goodness. Oh. And I danced on top of a table. OPA!

photo (5)

South Beach, baby.

photo (14)

Me, my sister and my two cousins.

photo (6)

Although these trips back home are always too short, I’m glad I got to spend it with family. No matter how much they may get on your nerves, they’re all you’ve got, and that’s a lot!

miss lucy

  • Santra

    You’re the best!

  • ebru

    your grandpa is very cute.. wish him health.. xoxo Ebru

    • Miss Lucy

      Thank you!! 😀

  • Heather

    So glad to hear that your grandfather is doing well!


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