Weekend at a Glance: Family #48

First of all, I’d like to thank you all of YOU for reading my little ole blog. Seriously. I hit over 50K views over the weekend. I’m sure that doesn’t mean anything to you but it means a lot to me. I’ve only been seriously blogging for two years and I’ve come a long way. I’m never satisfied so more fine tuning to come! ^___^

Last weekend, I spent some time with family in South Florida. I have a ridiculously large family. There’s never enough time in a visit to spend with everyone but what can you do.

At one of the rest stops, I saw this AMAZING bouquet in the restroom of all places. That was definitely the cleanest rest stop I’ve ever been to.

I’ve never really been a lover of animals but I finally found a dog that I love. His name is Cookie and he’s the sweetest little thing! Although I still haven’t warmed up to him actually touching me, I did take him out for a run or two. We really bonded…I totally miss him.

My grandfather turned 79 last month! BOSS.

Just a few of my cousins that I got to see. Random fact: I am the second grandchild of seventeen grandchildren. There are seven GREAT-grandchildren. I repeat, I, 27-year-old Lucy, am the second grandchild of seventeen. There are seven great-grandchildren. For now. I am childless. Folks are out there putting in work.

My cousins: Bryna, Bry’Ann and baby Bryce (#17). They annoyed me but I love them to pieces!

We ended up going to a resort in Kissimmee, FL but I could not stay. I hope they had a blast at Disney World.


  1. notchrisjacobs Reply

    Your fam is small compared to mine. Only 12 grandkids? Psshhh…lol

  2. Pearl Girl Reply

    There’s more of you all? And you haven’t spoken of them, ever. Why?

  3. notchrisjacobs Reply

    Super late responding but we’ll have to talk about it..lol

  4. I LOVE your blog!! Definitely an inspiration 🙂 Cookie looks just like my dog lol


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