If you’re familiar with my blog, you are well aware that I change my hairstyle quite often. This past weekend was no different. I’ve been wanting to update the color in my hair for a while now. I finally did it and the results have grown on me. My hair is now a few shades of brown, ombre style. I’ll probably go a little brighter eventually but this is it for now.

Sunday, I volunteered with Berean SDA Church for their 5th annual Thanksgiving dinner. I was reminded that, as the saying goes, it is better to give than to receive. It was a humbling experience to say the least. Not only did we serve the community, but also each other. It felt good to be able to give someone a home-cooked meal and to receive a genuine ‘thank you’ as payment. Truly warmed my heart.

I’m very fortunate and proud to know some super cool and creative people in Atlanta. People who love this city and ain’t afraid to show it. Vanessa is one of those people. No matter how many professional sport games we inevitably lose (lol), or how bad traffic gets, she will proclaim her loyalty to Atlanta from the mountain tops.

I attended the launch party for her new event planning business, Revel Forces. I totally missed the parade with a live brass band, bad ass, by the way. I could hear the music from the street as I approached the location so I wasn’t too sad.

Yes, a harpist…who sang…like a cherub.

I alllllmost had an explosion of the womb because of these kids. The one cutie kept saying to the baby, “she’s so cute.” and gently caressing her face.

Much success to you and your crew, Vanessa.

Weekend to Come:


Fantasy in Lights at Callaway Gardens

PJ Morton and Friends at Apache Cafe

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