I’ve spent the last month either hanging out with small groups of friends or all alone. Mostly the latter. I’ll blog about that some other time. But this past weekend was fabulous. The only time I left my bed was at night when it was time to go out. I celebrated the birthdays of three of my friends and I really had a blast. It made me realize how I’m surrounded by good people and for that I’m truly grateful.


Surprise birthday party at Footprints Cafe for my friend Maryanne. She was so surprised. She’s on the left of pic.


My good friend Whitney celebrated her birthday at 300 Bowling Alley. FYI, I SUCK at bowling!!!


My love Marco is now a “man”, according to his pops. We had a great time at STATS. P.S., don’t get the ribs or make sure they are done right. Grrrr!