Weekend at a Glance: 3 Things My God-daughter Taught Me #88

I spent my Saturday with my delightful god-daughter. Those of us without children know how every opportunity to spend time with someone else’s child is either practice or prevention. Luckily, my little princess is not that bad, lol. She’s actually very intelligent. Little did I know, I would leave her a little wiser.

We met up at Atlantic Station where there were plenty of activities, sugar and noise to keep any child entertained. I hadn’t spent time with my god-daughter in a long while so I was busy taking pictures of her and asking her all kinds of questions about life. She’s four, by the way.

In between stories of school best friends moving away and Veggie Tales sing-a-longs, I didn’t expect to receive enlightenment from this precious child. Here’s what I know.

3 Things My God-daughter Taught Me

1. If you get icing on your face, just lick it off. No big deal.

First thing she wanted to do was decorate a cookie. I’m sure she’s never done it before but naturally, she took control. She could barely keep the baked treat in her hands before devouring them. Brown and white icing all in her teeth and on her face. She didn’t care. Only thing that mattered was how good that cookie tasted. No need to take yourself so seriously all of the time.

2. Pick your own flowers.

I’m not saying to yank tiny purple flowers from public establishments but I’m saying, if it’s pretty…

3. Dance like no one is watching.

When did we become so uptight? When did we become the people that only swayed when our favorite song came on? When did we forget how to lose control?

Here’s to hoping we can reach deep down to the child inside of us all and live a little.

Happy Monday.

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