Last Wednesday, I got to chat with an incredible young woman: the fashionista slash philanthropist, Tai Beauchamp. She wears many hats but on that night, she was InStyle magazine’s Style Ambassador at the Macy’s Wardrobe Rush event. We gathered to hear Ms. Beauchamp give us styling tips and answer personal questions as well.

I really love when I meet truly genuine and down to earth celebrities (or maybe she’d prefer to be called a “personality”??).

Anywho, it was a fab event. Food, bubbly and fashionable people. I was even included in a blog for street style. BOOP!

tai beauchamp

Mattie x Eboni x Me x Wendy

Me x Eboni cheesin’.

This DJ played hit after hit after hit. Then he played Prince, twice. I was in love.

Parker looking fab.

I thought she stood out in the crowd.

Mattie x Eboni

miss lucy