Anton Chekhov once said, “The role of an artist is to ask questions, not answer them.” Therefore, the work of an artist is left to interpretation. I think that’s what I love about art. There’s no right or wrong answer to how you view a body of work. Art makes us feel and think. The interpretation of art allows our creative minds to function. Yet and still, I needed answers. Recently, I interviewed fellow blogger and friend, Christina Kwan of Tide & Bloom blog and got some pretty cool answers about her work.

christina kwan

Christina Kwan – Atlanta, GA – Artist/Blogger

Explain your art in ten words.

My art is a reflection of who I really am.

christina kwan

I’ve got a variety of work, both abstract and illustrative, but they could all be described by the nature of my drawing mark – which is fluid, delicate and organic. I try to make work that is as moving as it is quiet, so hopefully that comes through as well.

Why art? What does it mean to you?

You know, I don’t know why. I’ve just always been drawing since before I could remember. Art was my favorite class at every school level and I guess it’s because to me, art always equaled freedom. It was something I did because I wanted to, not because anyone else wanted me to.

Art means…life.

christina kwan

When did you first begin to cultivate your craft?

I’ve always been good in art classes, but I think high school is really when I began thinking about what my talent could actually mean as a tool for communication. In the magnet program I attended, we were really forced to think about content as much as form. As a result, I began figuring out my voice and how it truly relates to my mark.

christina kwan

What’s your process for creating?

Now that I’m not in school, my process is much more fluid and subject to my whim and inspiration – which is both positive and negative in certain ways. Process always changes when your context changes and with the restraints of real life. I just kind of draw and paint whenever the mood truly strikes me. That way, nothing is forced or contrived.

christina kwan

What time of day are you most inspired to create?

I’m most inspired around mid-afternoon. Perhaps that’s only because that’s when I feel most energized? I’m sure that’s a factor. Also, when the light is bright, I just feel so…alive (sorry for the cheese factor).

What is your end goal for your work?

When it comes down to it, I just want to offer people a little more beauty for their lives. If they find it in my work or in my blog, that’s all I can ask for and it brings me joy unlike anything else. I hope to one day be confident enough to put myself out there for the whole world to see, but for now I’m really happy gaining just one fan at a time, even if it’s only through friends and family. Quality over quantity! When I see or hear about someone really loving something I’ve made, there’s just nothing else like it.

christina kwan

Photo credits: Lucy Dazilma

I reeeeeeeeeally love Christina’s work and I reeeeeeeeally think you’ll love it to. Here are a few of her awesome doodles.

christina Kwan Spring Mums

christina kwan Verge

christina Kwan Macarons

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