Trend Alert: Cargo Jacket

Often a must-have piece for fall, the military (or cargo) jacket can literally be worn with anything, in any season. I’ve been searching for the perfect jacket for years but they were always too expensive. I know why now. Sometimes, you have to spend a little extra money on quality items that will have lasting wearability.

Since I bought this cargo jacket, I’ve worn it with EVERYTHING. This is not uncharacteristic of me. I love to shop my closet to see how many outfits I can create surrounding a single item. It’s a challenge but also very fun.

cargo jacket trend

Above, I chose to pair my jacket (from Macy’s) with a maxi dress. The goal is to always keep it simple.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with mellowing out a super girly look with this jacket. Pop your collar, girl.

cargo jacket trend

I’m a huge fan of casual attire. Slip on a blouse and some boyfriend skinny jeans and head out the door.

cargo jacket trend

This last look is probably my favorite; a look that I’m fearful of trying. I don’t wear sneakers (unless I’m going for a jog and that’s almost never) but the high tops and leather jeans together rock! One day, one day.

cargo jacket with leather pants

How are you styling your cargo jacket? If you don’t have one yet, get to it!

miss lucy

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  1. I once had a cargo jacket and it went with EVERYTHING! Then, one day, it disappeared into thin air. Which, as sad as it was, gives me a great reason to cop a new one! Cute looks above!

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