It’s a no brainer that Thanksgiving would be my favorite holiday. What’s not to love about food? If I were to pick a few more things to love about this day, they’d be:

Top 6 Favorite Things about Thanksgiving

  1. Dressing and/or stuffing – Now I love a good turkey but there’s no turkey without dressing. Side bar: did you know that dressing and stuffing were different?!?!  I just found out! :O
  2. Family and friends time – For the past few years, I’ve spent Thanksgiving with my god-daughter and her family. Sometimes, our friends are our family. I sleep over, we watch movies, eat and be lazy. The best.
  3. Crafts – Be honest, the holidays are no real fun without the kids. Don’t let them be bored. I plan on making this cool hat and holiday themed rice krispy treats.
  4. Pumpkin pie – This is like my go-to pie for every get together. Warm it up and top it with a scoop of your favorite ice cream and you’ve just created magic in your mouth.
  5. Lounge wear – I’ve reeeeally gotta go buy a onesie. But until then, I’m practically living in these sweaterpants from H&M. That’s right, they’re too cool to call sweatpants.
  6. Holiday TV specials – Most people like to watch football and parades. I for one will be watching the Lady Gaga and the Muppets special.

What are you and the fam bam getting into? Hmmmm?

miss lucy