The Return of Snowmaggedon

Three years ago, I was snowed in my apartment, blogging through it all. Today, I’m at my parents house watching snowmaggedon unfold again on TV. Whether you’re in Atlanta right now or not, seeing the snow that hit the city has left everyone perplexed.

Early yesterday afternoon, it was all lovely. There was a stillness outside that was almost spooky. Slowly, the snow sprinkled from the sky. But by 12:30pm, situations changed dramatically for all.

It is now an entire day later and there are thousands of people still stranded in their cars, children still in schools and citizens posted in businesses who have opened their doors – like Home Depot, Target and Kroger.

The difference from the events of 2011 and 2014 is that people are stranded away from their homes. I see a lot of people scrambling to place blame on someone/anyone, and unfortunately, this is not the time. Whether the blame falls on city officials, etc, it doesn’t change the fact that people need help right now. It’s quite inappropriate, actually. Less discussion and more action, however you can help.

Something else is bothering me about this situation. The way all of this is being played out on social media is disturbing. Pictures keeping us updated is great; I appreciate technology for that. But…does our incessant need to be connected and have instant information take away from serious issues? To me, it makes this all seem like a joke in some way. So many tweets, so many Facebook statuses, so many pictures on Instagram…and blog posts (hi, I’m Kettle). News is being reported so quickly, whether it is correct or not. I understand that it is good to keep us informed but sometimes, it only makes light of the situations at hand. It’s just too much. I almost feel like either I shouldn’t get on social media at all or if I do, I should only respectfully discuss what’s happening.

Anyway. My prayers go out to everyone still out there. If you’re still stuck in your car, just laugh. Literally, just bust out laughing for no reason.

Stay safe!

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  1. Yikes! I am glad you are well and warm. I’d heard that the city was ill-prepared/equipped to deal with the snow you guys got, but I had no idea! ( I was not on the social media you mentioned very much yesterday, lol). Stay safe!

  2. My eyes were GLUED to CNN allll day. I couldn’t believe how bad it got overnight. Thank God i was tucked away, and I’m glad you were also safe and warm!

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