The pursuit of happy(i)ness: 30 days in reflection

Five things I’ve learned from this challenge:

Happiness will be a continual pursuit.

I was happy 87% of the challenge. That in itself is a success for me.

There is so much in life to be happy about.

Happiness is a CHOICE. Never let anyone steal your joy.

Don’t keep happiness to yourself, bring it into the lives of those you care about.


  1. happiness shouldnt be a chase… i’ve learned that its comes from within

    SN: i was not surprised when i found this blog site -i was sayin: Yes! bout time. i never forget our convos of yester years. you always took it to another depth. hope you share some of that mind on here

  2. I should’ve put that on there as well. Yes, happiness does come from within, I’ve realized. I just wanted to see if I could consciously make myself happy everyday. I didn’t need to force it though because it came naturally. And most of the time, I was happy, minus a few days that I was PISSED AS HELL! Lol!

    Thank so much, Jean.

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