Once upon a time, I could leave my house sans make up, like so:

how to clear your skin

I am obsessed with a pretty face. No…really. Great skin is VERY important to me. Because I rock a short do, my face is the first thing people notice about me. Most people that see me think I have perfect skin. Au contraire my dear friends! Everyone struggles with their skin on different levels. I did not have acne growing up or in my teens. But once I hit my 20’s, I was hit with scarring and cystic acne that really blew my confidence. I finally got fed and went to see a dermatologist last year. One of the best decisions of my life!

Fast forward to today. I no longer have health insurance for the first time in my life (blame getting knocked off my parents insurance because I’m not in school and almost 25. Darn rules!). I depended on my derm meds to keep me pretty but I did not do anything to upkeep the look. Last week, I found some meds and started taking them again. I don’t know what happened but my face wen SUPER RETARDED!

I’ve been inspired by two bloggers (@ThisThatBeauty and @socialitedreams) have encouraged me to track my clear skin journey.

This is today WITH make up on. My skin was peeling sooo bad from the meds. No moisturizer would soak up the dryness.

how to clear your skin

This is after I removed the make up.

how to clear your skin

After doing some research on different products, I’ve decided to try some new natural products. One of my fave Twitter pals, @ThisThatBeauty’s blog notes the importance of a skin care regimen. She says, “cleanse, tone, eye cream, treat issues, anti oxidant serum, sunscreen, special treatment masks, regular facials and regular dermatologist visits” are essential to healthy looking skin.

My skin line of choice is KISS MY FACE. I like them because according to them they are “all natural, free of synthetic preservatives, additives, chemicals, and artificial fragrances.” I’ve read the ingredients and some of them include really good stuff like Vitamin E, Glycerin, Lavender Oil, Aloe Leaf Extract and other yummy fruit extracts. The best part is, they are animal cruelty free! So I’m gonna hit up my nearest Target in the morning and get the Kiss My Face Potent & Pure Starter Kit (sista gotta keep a budget too!).

I’ll keep you abreast on my progress! Cheers to healthy, beautiful skin to come!