Take Time to Say Thanks

  • I freakin opened my eyes this morning. No, they opened on their own. No, God chose to open my eyes. DOPE.
  • I have a god-daughter that still remembers me even when I haven’t seen her in an embarrassingly long time.
  • For friends that accept me despite my aloofness.
  • For a mom and dad, brother and sister.
  • For laughter and tears.
  • For love and heartache.
  • For the gift of acceptance.

Your turn. GO!

miss lucy

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  1. I’m grateful for:

    + Warmth and comfort of a home
    + Friends with the same vision as I
    + I have everything I need (Ps 23 in reality!)
    + Health! Can’t put a price on this!
    + A future and all the possibilities that is holds.
    + This blog! Doing this activity sure makes me feel good.

  2. For peace of mind…
    For a heart filled with love
    for the ability to love without expectations
    for family & loved ones…
    for ur inspiring blog

    catching up on posts ๐Ÿ™‚

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