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I’ve been trying to find a way to make this blog a more interactive experience and my friend Lydie gave me the BEST idea. As you know, I love to share whatever is beautiful on Lucy’s Pearls but I’d love for you to feel like you can share your thoughts on here as well.

So what is a ghost writer?

It’s a person whose job it is to write material for someone who is named author.

That’s not exactly what you’ll be doing here. Yes, your writing will be anonymous but I will not be taking credit for it.

Maybe you write for work and would love to write for pleasure but do not want to start a blog.

Maybe you just don’t want to start a blog but would love to get your thoughts out online.

Maybe what you want to write about doesn’t belong on your blog.

Maybe you’re just too shy and would much rather submit anonymously just because.

Maybe you just love reading this blog and you just want to be included, not just in the comments.

So many reasons!

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One night in a cafe

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She couldn’t remember the last time she sat this close to a man and felt anything. This was nice. This felt different, comforting and familiar. Men rarely impressed her but his silent confidence piqued her interest. This was good, yeah.

Sitting side by side, they chatted about random things like old friends. Her head gently brushing his shoulder every once in a while. All of a sudden, without thinking twice, she decided to make a move. Slowly, she twisted her neck up to meet his face. She kissed his cheek. Something tender, short and sweet. But to her surprise, he aimed for her lips. And right there, in a corner of a cafe, they kissed like it was their last first kiss. Passionately, hungrily.

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Word for 2013: simplify.

-to make less complex or complicated; make plainer or easier

In 2012, I had all of these grandiose ideas that didn’t come to fruition partly because they were too complex for me to understand. One thing I’m sure of is if I’m confused, no progression will take place. My goal is to make everything less complicated this year. Take that idea, goal, vision, and/or desire, and explain what I want in ONE sentence. If it can’t be done or said simply, you’re doing entirely too much.

Wise advise that I received last year: just write. Critical for me as I have a lot of plans and projects to undertake. Less talking, more writing.

Do you have a word of theme for 2013???



Writing, again

Despite me not posting in over a month, you guys STILL visit my blog?! You all are the best.

Writing is a scary thing for me. I graduated with a Communications degree yet I dislike structured writing. APA format is such a drag! But here I am, day two into a month-long writing challenge. If you’ve been following my blog, you already know that I have a thing for challenges. A friend of mine tweeted about it and after two posts, I’m surprised at how easily I am writing. Maybe because the focus isn’t on perfection. No Twitter grammer police patrolling your every typo. Just write. One full-page or thirty minutes of writing will suffice.

If you’re thinking “oh my goodness, write everyday for thirty daysssss???”, it’s okay. Honestly, it’s not that bad (so far). The point is to write. Write what you’re feeling. Express how you’re feeling. I’m a strong believer in that your words can be a blessing to someone else. You never know who needed to read what you wrote. So write. Blog it, share it with your friends, however you want to do it. I’m sure I will share some of my writing here on this blog. But fair warning, these writings will be highly emotional and vulnerable. Read at your own risk!

For prompts on what to write about, follow the hashtag #30writenow on Twitter.

Best of luck!


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