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Spring, baby, I missed you

Polar vortex, we bid you adieu. Spring has finally come to reclaim its proper place. My limbs, mental state and the entire United States are forever grateful.

I don’t know about you but I pretty much want to be naked already. But since that’s not necessarily acceptable yet, there are a few items I’m looking forward to this season. I thinking I’ll go girly-glam. Sheers, pastels, neons and slingbacks. Whether that will happen or not, only time will tell.

Here are some Spring styles I’m thirsting after.


1. 2. 3. 4.

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Weekend at a glance: margarita’s and puma’s #85

Church means something so different to me as an adult. Growing up, I couldn’t wait to go because it meant seeing my friends. In high school and college, I felt obligated to go. Now as an adult, “church” is wherever I experience God. These days, when I do attend a service, I’m glad I can go dressed down. No more “church clothes”. Lol.

lucy pearl

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Eye can see clearly now: GlassesUSA.com

muse charlie eyeglasses

I’ve worn glasses since I was a junior in high school and since then, I’ve gone through six pair of frames. I love the versatility of eyeglasses. One day I’m school teacher chic, the next day I’m classy hippie. Every year or two, I get the itch to purchase new frames. It’s like GlassesUSA.com read my mind because they reached out to me with a sweet deal.

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Sock it to me

So excited to feature a guest post by friend and fellow blogger, Danielle of Olive Juice & S’Mores blog. I reached out to her about collaborating because she has such a fun style, reflective of her personality. I saw a few of her Winter posts on Instagram and just knew a cool covering of her style is just the dusting this blog needed. So for today, we’ve switched blogs. Check hers out for my post. Don’t be shy, show her some love.

photo 3 (14)

My blog is dope

So very proud of my friend Krystal Knight of The Feisty House for starting her business, The Feisty Society Clothing Company. I finally got to wear mine when I broke out of the house yesterday during Snowmaggedon. I’ve watched Krystal transition within the blogging community and I’m really really proud of her. Everything she sets out to accomplish comes to fruition by her dedication and hard work. She has done so many great things so far and has many more in store.

photo 1 (12)

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Sweatshirt chic

I’ve recently been obsessing over sweatshirts and how to jazz them up. Every time I wear one, I end up looking like a 14-year-old pubescent kid. Not cool. But comfort is ME. I’ve declared my style: comfort chic / understated snatched. Just give the people a little bit. Simple elegance. At least that’s what I think, lol.

So how exactly do you make a sweatshirt, chic?


3.1-phillip-lim-for-target-mini-pashli-crossbody-bag-ily-couture-retail-therapy-sweatshirt-how-to-wear-an-oversized-sweatshirt-nude-pumps-with-skinny-jeans-mini-handbag-trend-3 (733x1100)

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Style me friday: how not to wear faux leather pants

I’m not sure what I was thinking at the time. I can’t really blame this experience on being young. This was only a month ago. I knew better.

Ladies……..cover your butt when you wear tights, leggings or in my case, faux leather pants. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a little more cushion, cover it up. It’s not cute. And if it’s winter time, your ass will freeze.


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Get my driff?

There was that time two years ago when I was a bit bolder. I wore this crop top once a week during that summer.


Something about a crop top that makes you feel brazen. A tad bit seductive without being undeniably overt.

Summertime is the only time it’s appropriate (IMO) to wear the least amount of clothes possible. No one cares. It’s too freaking hot for layers, scarves, and all other restrictive apparel.

These ladies got the drift.

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Trend alert: denim jumpsuits

When I think about Spring and Summer, I think about being naked. Those excruciatingly brutal winters takes a toll on this here Floridian gal. After a season of depressing weather, I’m almost bursting for the opportunity to wear absolutely nothing at all. Which is why this denim jumpsuit trend baffles me. (Source 1, 2, 3)


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