#WeLoveATL Pop Up Gallery at Ponce City Market | Lucy's Pearls

#WeLoveATL Pop Up Gallery at Ponce City Market

Sometimes, social media can lead to more problems than necessary; other times, it is opportunity waiting to happen. What I love the most about social media is that it allows you to communicate with people who you’d probably never meet on your own. How crazy is it that a single hashtag can unite people across the […]

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Lucy's Pearls Travels: Lagos, Nigeria | Lucy's Pearls

Lucy’s Pearls Travels: Lagos, Nigeria

Yesterday was my bestie boo’s two year wedding anniversary. It’s been two years since my first visit to Africa in 2012. This post is two years LATE. I kept procrastinating because I didn’t really know how to process that amazing experience. But now is a good a time as any to share with you all the beauty […]

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Lucy’s Pearls Travels: Dallas, TX

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m moving to Dallas. At first I was like dang, I can’t take a vacation? Lol. Then I realized, oh, I’ve been saying for years that I would move to Texas (when I never even visited the place). Now that I have visited, I’ve decided that I could live in […]

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Weekend at a glance: green thumb #62

In another life, I was a 1950s housewife. One who loved slim waist cut floral print dresses, had pumpkin pie scented hair and just a tiny bit of dirt under her nails from playing in the garden. I’ve lived this life for a long time in my head. As part of my pledge to do 28 […]

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Beauty in the face of destruction

I decided that I wanted to be a photographer in high school. I loved working with film, spending countless hours developing images in the dark room, playing with lighting and just being a general observer of people. When I was in college, I got the lofty idea that I could be the next Gordon Parks. […]

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When it’s cold outside

Have I told you how much I really don’t care for smiling? Also, I don’t care for posed pictures. They seem so unnatural. The other day, I met up with a friend to take a few shots for his portfolio. And by few, I mean like ten, maybe. It was way too cold for me […]

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Cinco de mayo

I connected with a good friend, Bettina Denis and The Artistry Firm for the Cinco De Mayo Snaps event. Food, alcohol, candid shots and amazing people. Special thanks to Bettina for her talent. Please like The Artistry Firm on Facebook and check them out. Thanks, Bettina! I had a blast.

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Lucy's Pearls Travels: Washington, DC | Lucy's Pearls

Lucy’s Pearls Travels: Washington, DC

Two weekends ago I took a trip to Washington, DC. I’m looking for a new place to call home and DC is a possibility. If you love or hate DC, tell me why! Here are a few shots from my iphone to you. Definitely the highlight of this trip was FINALLY meeting “Koos”, of The […]

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Weekend at a glance: the arts #41

It used to be that every day of the weekend had to be chuck filled with activities. Now I’m simply too tired, and over, all of that. The highlight of my Friday nights have been a mindless number of Say Yes to the Dress episodes. Oh, and a pizza. Mmmm! Saturday, I felt like staying […]

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