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Girls of Blaze

Sometimes, the only way I am able to express myself is through art. I articulate my emotions and thoughts visually and through writing because I feel that these are pure forms of self-expression. To be able to channel that expression and to be willing to explore it is a gift. As a result of that exploration and expression, I feel that I possess a sense of purpose.

I do not claim to be an artist in the traditional sense but I have an uncanny connection to art. I’m inspired by others who are gifted artistically. I’m inspired by people who recognize that inspiration is in the everyday insignificant details. They also acknowledge that inspiration requires passion and energy. I’m drawn to individuals that exhibit that intrinsic creative genius. Perhaps that is why I am inspired, and straight cuckoo, for Solange Knowles.

solange inspiration

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Good days and bad days


Over the weekend, I planned a photo shoot but I cancelled it prematurely because it was supposed to rain. On the day, there was not a cloud in the sky. I don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed to see sunshine.

Also, I got a new iPhone (finally). Captured some great photos. I was so excited! When I got home and backed up my phone, they all got deleted.


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A friend suggested I watch this documentary and I’m glad he did. Side note: if you come across a doc you’d think I’d love to watch, shoot me an email! Anyway, although I was hoping it would be longer and a bit more in-depth, I really enjoyed it. Using psychologic research and real life interviews from people across the world, ‘Happy‘ examines the importance of happiness.


“The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.” – Benjamin Franklin 

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It’s the soul that needs the surgery

I thought long and hard about what I would do for this Ford Fiesta social activism post. I thought about volunteering or highlighting an entrepreneur’s business. All of those are well and nice things to do, especially during the holidays. Giving back is good for the soul. But as I was getting ready to go, an uneasy feeling made me pause in my tracks.

I decided that I was going to a nursing home yesterday. I was listening to Beyonce’s new album and the track, Pretty Hurts, immediately resonated within me. For the past few days, it was the first song on my mind when I woke up. As I struggled to find something to wear, I realized that I didn’t really want to go. I know, that sounds really horrible.

How can I not want to spend time creating a care package for someone who probably never receives visitors?

Sometimes I think we use charity as a way to feel good about ourselves – to feed our souls. Let me spare this dollar to a homeless person. There, I’ve done my good deed of the day. Or, You really want that sandwich? Don’t worry, I got you. Because I’m just a good person like that. But really, are you a good person? Shouldn’t doing and giving come natural to you? To us?

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Weekend at a glance: friendsgiving #81

photo 3

After being emotionally drained from watching The Best Man Holiday, I headed over to my cousins to replenish my soul.  She forgot to mention in her brief text invitation that her “dinner” had a theme. Not really surprising to me; my cousin loves to throw fancy gatherings. And I’m always here for them.

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Weekend at a glance: verb is my favorite #79

You know those days when there’s so much to do that you don’t really want to do anything? That’s pretty much how I felt this weekend.

We had our annual Halloween party at work with the kids. This was probably the largest turnout. The kids and parents alike had a lot of fun.

photo 1 (15)

photo 2 (16)

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Weekend at a glance: “i have a new found respect for my quiet days” #78

I enjoy the stillness and lack of plans of my weekends. There’s something great in choosing not to participate in all of the many things going on around you.

I’ve gone back to staying home on Fridays and making it a movie night. I’ve also gone back to Saturday worship services. I occasionally attend [now] Progression Church. It’s small (how I like it) and focused on the Word. No pomp and circumstance, no frills, genuine worship and people. I was not prepared for the sudden dip in temperature, though. I still haven’t forgiven Atlanta for skipping over Summer. I couldn’t take it if my favorite season did see the light either. But we did manage to take a few pics. Keep your eye out for these dudes on the blog very soon.

photo 5 (6)

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