GIVEAWAY: Carol’s Daughter Hair Package

Carol's Daughter

Last week, I mentioned that I’m raising money for my new computer. I know, another person asking for some money. Sorry for being THAT GUY. I also know everyone likes free stuff so I’m making this donation worth-while. This package will include some of my favorite Carol’s Daughter hair products.

As promised, here is giveaway #1 to one lucky person who donates to my fund.

They are: one Chocolat Blow Dry Cream, two Hair Milk pudding packets, two Monoi Oil serum packets, and one Monoi shampoo & conditioner combo packet. Not only are the products gentle on your hair, they smell so yummy! Especially the blow dry cream.

15% of the total proceeds to go Girl’s Inc.

Ready. Set. Donate.

Brown is the new black

I colored my hair a few weeks ago and I never really shared that journey with you all. Shame on me. My girl Tammi Dotson (at Salon Saison) has been straightening my hair all year. She does a fab job, I might add. Now we all know a trip to the salon is an all day thing, right ladies? I actually took the day off to get my color, lol. That big of a deal.


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The new french roll


Last weekend, I attempted to put a new twist to the classic french roll of the early 90’s. You know it well. I’m sure your mom rocked the hell out of it every week for church. I happen to love anything classic so I added two different styles at the front for interests sake.

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Girl, what do you use on your hair?


1. I’ve only gotten my hair lifted (process of lightening hair) once, by my sister, a year ago. Very old. My color has gotten lighter/brighter on its own.

2. I don’t have a hair length goal. I’ve cut it all off and back. It doesn’t matter to me. It’s just hair.


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Weekend at a glance #54


I got my hair straightened for the first time since my one year anniversary last year. I probably should have checked the weather first because it’s going to rain all week. But I really needed it and I was oh so tired of my puff. I was really pleased with the results!! She worked wonders.

photo (19)


What a long and eventful day. Started it off with brunch at Murphy’s with my friend Katrice. It’s so hard to catch up with friends these days. Everyone is busy or busy looking busy. I’m glad I made plans with Katrice. She’s sort of an inspiration :)

And my meal? Spinach, mushrooms, poached eggs on focaccia bread with sundried tomato hollandaise. Yum.


Friend and photographer Tamika took some shots of me that’ll be up for Friday’s style post. Thankfully, the sun was good to me.


Oh! And I met the most interesting (read: odd) guy. While we were taking photos, he was building some type of monument. We asked him what it was and he said it was a Linga. He said it was a symbol of fertility. I googled it later on and did not see any statues similar to what he created but…I’m always here for artistic expression so, do your thing, sir.


To end my night, I had a hot date with a hot girl at TWO Urban Licks.


I love her.



How-to: Twisty-fro hair

I have never been a fan of the afro. Too stiff  and perfect for my taste. What I am here for is big flowy, messy hair. And because I’m lazy, twists are my go-to hairstyle. It’s easy. Here’s how to rock it.

1. SHAMPOO & CONDITION your hair with whatever you like. No natural hair nazi here. You’re safe. Right now I’m using 4 Naturals products because it was free and I want to use it up before purchasing something else.

2. MOISTURIZE. I love love love the Honey Hemp leave-in conditioner by Oyin Handmade. And it’s reasonably priced! This is a staple for me. I also moisturize my scalp with good ole castor oil.

3. BLOW DRY. Because I have extremely coily hair, it causes me to have shrinkage. I like to have my hair stretched for a bigger fro. This is the only time I blow dry my hair. Also, it would probably be wise to use a heat protectant before you blow dry.

4. TWIST. Make about 16-20 large twists (I’m guessing), depending on how large your head is. Mine is pretty large.

The next day, untwist and fluff. VOILA. I usually re-twist my hair every night or every other night. The twists don’t have to be perfect or small. the messier, the better.

The pictures below have been the transition from my small to large twisty-fros over the last year or so. Yay for growth and not touching the shears!


Go ahead, try it.


Weekend at a glance: stylin’ #52

Being the obsessive person that I am, it still surprises me that I’m not more gung-ho about hair length. I’ve never really cared about hair. But now that it’s back, I’m pretty excited to have it, lol. Seventeen months after my last big chop and I’m finally starting to see progress. Now that I have some length, it’s becoming a bit easier to play around with different hairstyles. Not too much though. I still hate doing hair. My go-to style is usually a twist out. This time around, I got one of the best results yet. To achieve the look, I blow-dried my hair straight and used eco styler gel to twist.

photo (1)

This year, I styled my hair in five (count em) protective styles. A record and a blessing for me.

photo (2)

Friday night, I came across a ‘Fluffy Cropped Fro‘ tutorial on Youtube and decided to try it. First, I set my two-day old twist out on rods, moisturizing with coconut oil. I flat-twisted my hair in the front. The next day, I separated each twist and fluffed them to give it body. I pinned down the sides for a tapered look.


Saturday, I had to get FOUR (count em) fillings placed in my mouth. As the procedure progressed, I felt as if my face was beginning to swell. The dentist assured me that my face was fine. So why did it feel like my face was swelling, dentist??? While he took a break, I quickly stole a glance at my face and it was indeed swollen. HE LIED. And three days later, if I press too hard on my cheeks, I hit a nerve. I’m gonna have to sue somebody.

Anyway. Slightly swollen face and all, I managed to get myself together to attend a charity mixer called the Red Tie Soiree on Sunday. The attire: red & black. But I’m thinking, red is such a loud color. The only thing I want red are panties and Ruby Woo lipstick. So…

photo (3)

Oh. Hey Kirk. Hey Tara.

photo (4)


Voila. My weekend.



Yay to me! I successfully kept my hands off the scissors for one year.

0 – 4 – 9 – 12 months

Now…what next?!

Weekend at a glance #37: whipping hair & dining

I have haaaaaair! I mean, I have braids. Same thing. Thanks, sister.

After being stuck in the house all weekend getting my hair braided, I finally ventured out to the city to celebrate my friends birthdays.

jean shirt: h&m; top & leggings: papaya; boots: target; watch: aldo

Happy birthday Mike and Johane! And hiii baby Preston!

so many flashes. paparazzi!


Hair growth-four months

From my first hair video (6 wks growth) to my latest video (17 wks growth).

Remember how I said I was gonna use certain products? Yea…well I lied. I still haven’t used the egg and mayo mix yet. Too lazy. Those vitamins? I keep forgetting to take them. Oh. And I was taking five vitamins a day. I swear the Biotin was making my skin break out. I’m sticking to that thought.

SO! I still don’t use a lot of products. Yay me. But I’ve switched from what I was using. The hair polisher was bad bad bad. I threw it away. Now I use:

1. Giovanni shampoo and conditioner (when it’s finished, I’m getting cheap shampoo and conditioner. To me, these are not important).

2. Jamaican black castor oil & coconut oil (saving grace, moisture-wise).

3. Morraccan oil eco-styler gel (I love this stuff).

I just gave in and bought the Kinky Curly Curling Custard. Sigh. I guess it defines my curls more but my hair is still too short to tell. I still like my eco-styler gel better.

I’m so excited!!! I never knew how people made .gif’s!!! I usually use Picnik to edit my photos but it was down. So I did a google search and came across LunaPic. I uploaded two pictures and it did this! It hurts my eyes but at least I know how to do it now. FYI: it seems you have to click on the pic to see it move.

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