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4 proactive things to do while waiting to land a job

So you quit your day job for your day-dream and now your day-dream is turning into a nightmare. Or something like that. Well, don’t panic. If you, like me, still feel strongly about your decision to leave a position, remember why you did it and keep on believing.

I’ll admit, today wasn’t the most inspiring of days but I always come across some hopefel reads that lift my spirits. According to Forbes, 2014 is the year for women entrepreneurs. That’s exciting and encouraging because we’re all in the same boat: shifting our dreams into fruition. Glass ceiling what?! Tuh.


So before that day-dream of yours turns into a full-on nightmare, try these four things.

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Aspire to inspire


The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”  ―  Mark Twain

Words of wisdom from Umair Haque.

1. You can’t find inspiration if you can’t face heartbreak.

2. You can’t be inspiring if you’re not willing to have your heart broken.

3. If you’re not feeling inspired, it’s because your head’s getting in the way of your heart.

4. Inspiring people don’t make the sensible decisions. They don’t make the proper decisions. They make the right decisions.

5. Inspiration is when the heart opens itself to possibility.

Break your heart. Mend it. Make mistakes. Live. Try. Learn. Do it all over again.

Happy Monday.

miss lucy

A woman cave

Lets face it: if a man must live with a woman, he’s going to want a space to call his own. A place of escape from the nagging and demands of doing humdrum tasks. He would escape to the infamous man cave. On the radio this morning, they were discussing how men desire this space to do manly things. Just as men crave having a space of their own away from their spouses, so do women.

create your own

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At your best, an mvl conversation

Over the weekend, I attended the event of my friend Katrice  (My Vicarious Life). In an effort to start the conversation about living our best lives, Katrice had a panel of three women who she deemed successful. They shared with us their journey and left us with wonderful words of encouragement on pursuing our dreams.

Kudos to Katrice and to a successful event!

photo (3)

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13 places to visit before i die

The best part of the new videos on Instagram is being able to see live shots from places I could only dream about visiting. In my heart, I am a wanderer. Working hard only to give it all away in rent money has never been an ideal situation for me. I’d much rather save all of my pennies and spend all of it on experience. And everyone knows that traveling is the best teacher :) If I had all the money in the world, I would get lost around this magnificent world forever and ever. Unfortunately, I can’t right now. I’ve been blessed to have visited Belize, Bahamas, London, Germany and Nigeria. Now, I’ve started saving for my trip to Thailand next year. Yay. But I still daydream about the other places I want to visit, too. In no particular order…

1. Maldives Islands – an isolated oasis of peaceful bliss. About 500 miles from Sri Lanka and Heaven, basically.



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No regrets


I pride myself in not having many regrets in life. But as I get older, I’m finding that I’m becoming more cautious. In my early twenties, I threw caution to the wind. Now, anything you say will be researched for honesty and authenticity. I question motives. I question intent. I question whether someone has my best interest at heart or whether they are self-serving.

There are things that you can control and then there is just life. You don’t know what will happen. You can’t control it. You can only go with the flow.

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Welcome, 2013!



12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. 8,760 hours. 525,600 minutes. 3,153,600 seconds.
  • more love.
  • more laughter.
  • more gratitude.
  • more honesty.
  • more faith.
  • more hard work.
  • more consistency.
  • more experiences.
  • more intimacy.
  • more clarity.
  • more wine.

Write the vision, make it plain.



What do you love

I came across this series on the GOOD website and I am in LOVE. I love being inspired by the simple things in life that make people happy. The things that give us life, energy, excitement…those things are inspiring to me. In the What Do You Love video series, different people share their passions, inspirations and loves. Man, I wish I would’ve come up with this genius idea first.

Here’s one of my favorites:

What do you love? What inspires you?

FBFF on a thursday

FBFF: Sweet dreams are made of these


So this post is from a few weeks ago. I felt like the topic was too good not to write about it.

Dreams. I’m a daydreamer. It’s what I do all day. So when I can share my dreams and aspirations with others, I just do it! Who knows, someone out there is reading and is looking to make my dream a reality :)

 1. Fess up – if you could do anything professionally what would it be?

There are so many things I know I can do well with the proper training. But if I had the money, I’d start my own organization for young girls focused on the arts: dance, music, writing, painting, drawing, doodling, singing, cartwheeling, WHATEVER.

2. What draws you to this?

Honestly, every time I listen to one of my favorite artists, India Arie’s music. It’s positive. It’s encouraging. It’s motivating. It’s love. It’s everyhing that I’d like to give to a young girl.

Every time I see a young girl who is lost, it pains me. A child that has been molested, discouraged, misguided, naive, gullible….it all reminds me of me. The more I think about it, the more my heart swells and tears well in my eyes. This is how I know that being in the midst of young girls is my calling. Because I can feel it.

3. When did you first start dreaming about this ideal?

Hmmm…..strongly, I’d say about a few months into starting this blog last year. I wrote this post speaking on that epiphany moment. At the time, I was going back and forth with the idea of returning to school for my Master’s but it never felt like the right choice. I didn’t even know what I would have studied!

4. What’s holding you back from going all in?

Fear. Plain and simple. It doesn’t matter how many times I tell myself that you haven’t failed if you’ve tried, the fear itself is enslaving.

5. Sometimes the first step is the hardest… what’s one step you can take now on the way to realizing your dream?

Work. I don’t give up. I’ve been working and building my network. I’ve spoken to my mentors who keep me focused. I have friends that reassure me of my greatness. And I believe that God created me with a purpose. Slowly but surely, my dreams will come true.

To read more of these posts, visit Modly Chic.

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