Premium Business Cards and What Matters Most

I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with paper.

Notebooks. Sticky notes. Planners. Stationary. Cards. You name it, I’ve got it stocked. My latest obsession is letterpress business cards. I’ve been researching design ideas for a new personal logo and every card I’ve seen on letterpress snagged my attention. It’s the unique design that screams vintage and memorable.

business card

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Illustrations: olive paperie

A few years ago, Dana of Olive Paperie featured me on her blog. She made this super cute fashion design illustration of me that I was so very found of.

Besides illustration, graphic design, prints, photography and a plethora of things she has her hands in, Dana now has an online shop called Pardon My Fro. Here you will find art prints, stationery, totes and home decor. Basically just a little splash of something to make you even more glamorous.

I’ve been staring at this particular print for a while now. Bold and sassy. It’s soooo me. Let me gather my coins cuz it’s mine :)

olive paperie winter

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I follow this lovely lady on Instagram because she has THE most adorable kids, especially her baby girl, Elena. Not only do I enjoy e-watching her children grow up, but this momma has skills. With a background in interiors, Kera Thompson creates unique artisan designs for the home at her shop, Interwoven. And I’m talking beautiful rugs, quilts, pillows, throws, you name it! I love that she understands the intricacies of textiles and curates each piece with precision.

Here are a few of my favorites:


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Aztec aesthetics

Spring is upon us and I am ready to show some skin! I’m also ready to bring back an increasingly popular trend: the Aztec print. I really love the element of surprise when it comes to bold prints. There isn’t any structure to wearing the almost dizzying designs. You can wear them and pair them however you want. Whether you enjoy floral, polka dots, stripes, or animal, prints are a great way to jazz up your personal style. I mean, it’s like you’re wearing abstract art. And who doesn’t want to look like a work of art? ;)

Historically, the Aztec people were from central Mexico. Common themes for the artwork were different kinds of animals that had symbolic meaning. I imagine, the inspiration for prints today would be the varying patterns on the art and not an actual dog, lol.

Unless you’re on the runway, I wouldn’t suggest overdoing it with the prints. Focus on one or two things: a shirt, dress, shoes, or pants.


In my case, I chose to pair my printed leggings with similar printed flats.


Denim shirt: H&M; Leggings: F21; Flats: Macy’s


My friend Tamika and I headed to East Atlanta Village to take a few shots while the sun finally stopped playing hide n seek.

LucyAztec (20 of 37)

And a few candids. Sooo not a poser.

LucyAztec (22 of 37)     LucyAztec (24 of 37)     LucyAztec (30 of 37)     LucyAztec (6 of 37)

So. What prints do you rock? Will you try an Aztec print? Have you already worn it? If so, how?


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