(12.12.12) Be great today

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Almost every morning, one of my good friends starts the day by telling everyone to “be great”. Seems kind of vague. Like, what do you mean be great? Should I impress my boss today? Do something extravagant today? What exactly does it mean to be great?

First off, no one is born great. Achieving greatness is based off of a decision to be great. It doesn’t happen over night. But like all of your desires, wants and dreams, it is something that you have to work towards everyday. When you wake up in the morning, you have to motivate yourself. Tell yourself: today, I will do one small thing, but it will be a great thing. Believe in yourself. Speak positively and confidently.

After you decide, you need to make a plan and then act on it. Execution is imperative. Being great means you can’t be lazy. I repeat (to myself), you cannot be lazy!

What do you create when you’re great? Being great doesn’t mean you have to create something “new”. Honestly, what is new anyway? Everything nowadays is recycled. The key is to take an idea, use your gifts and passionately make it your own.

And while you’re at it, how about looking great. This is something I had to realize myself recently. When you look great, you feel great. And oftentimes, people will take you more seriously.

It would be remiss of me not to mention to surround yourself with the greatest of people. Not in a creepy groupie kind of way, either. The people in your life. Your friends. You think they are great, right? I hope so.

Here’s an exercise:

Write down all of the reasons why you are great. No, this doesn’t make you arrogant. Sometimes, you have to encourage yourself.

What are you going to do today in order to be your greatest self?


I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was.

- Muhammad Ali


Melvin, the machine

After watching this video, I felt like my childhood was robed of an amazing imagination. I mean, I was (still am) a dreamer, but THIS is big. I turned into a kid just watching this production.

Melvin, is a machine. It performs “a simple task as inefficiently as possible, often in the form of a chain reaction”.

Watch the videos below for Melvin the machine AND mini Melvin (it’s travel-sized counterpart).


What do you love

I came across this series on the GOOD website and I am in LOVE. I love being inspired by the simple things in life that make people happy. The things that give us life, energy, excitement…those things are inspiring to me. In the What Do You Love video series, different people share their passions, inspirations and loves. Man, I wish I would’ve come up with this genius idea first.

Here’s one of my favorites:

What do you love? What inspires you?

Creativity wins hearts

The other day I saw everyone posting a video of a marriage proposal. Just when you think folks can’t get any more creative, this guy tops it off. This is the proposal of Matt to his girlfriend Ginny. His unique proposal was viewed as a movie trailer as his now fiance unknowingly watched from her seat. How can you top this?! And how did he have to pay to get this done? Either way, it was super cute. Love.

I’ll be sure to keep checking their blog to see any new updates. Cute little couple from Atlanta. :)

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