Style Spotlight: Thaina and Patrice Madere

Unless you’re Tia and Tamera Mowry, what sisters do you know that can coexist for long periods of time without killing each other? Long enough to make a blog together, no less. Thaina and Patrice Madere make sisterly love look so easy and enjoyable.

secrets des soeurs thaina and patrice

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Style Spotlight: Channing Hargrove

Sometimes I watch Sex and the City and pretend that I am Carrie Bradshaw. I mean, what’s not to love about her? She’s a 30-something colorful writer and fashionista flourishing in New York City. Yes, it’s fiction but what a fabulous life to live! Channing no longer has to daydream though; she is living out her Carrie life in the city that never sleeps.

Channing Hargrove

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Style Spotlight: Whitney Douglas

When I think of happiness and what it would look like, I imagine Starbursts, the tropical flavor. Or maybe happiness is like payday with a side of a free lunch. It could be seeing the smile on someone’s face; it automatically makes you happy. Whit is happiness personified. Whitney Douglas embodies what living a good life looks like.

whitney douglas

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Style Spotlight: Rashad & Justin

I remember really seeing Rashad for the first time. He was preaching but I couldn’t help but notice his suit and pinky ring. What? Pimp. And Justin…I probably heard him before I saw him, lol. No two friends could be more opposite in personality (to me) than Rashad and Justin. Eleven years of friendship later, they are killing the scene together. Check their foot work.

justin stringer and rashad burden

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Style Spotlight: Nia Hand

If you’ve ever really tried to go thrifting, you know how incredibly frustrating it can be, especially if you’re used to an “in and out” style of shopping. I really wish I had the patience to search for gems but alas, I do not. But this young lady does and does it exceptionally well.


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Style Spotlight: Jana-Lynn Louis

This young lady is one of my favorite favorite favorite people ever. If it doesn’t “match” or make sense, she’ll try wearing it, and wear it well. There are just some people who transcend fashion rules and trends to create their own style lane. That is Jana. I completely admire her for it. If you don’t completely love her after reading this, just remember that she used the word juxtaposition here. Check it.


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Style Spotlight: Chioma Anosike

I’ve interacted with this beautiful young lady via Instagram for a while now and I’ve fallen for her simple yet creative style. The sign of a truly stylish person is being able to reuse items from your closet over and over again and still being able to make it look brand new. That’s what Chioma of C’s Evolution of Style does in a colorful fashion. Her style in a sentence to me says, “Yup, I may have gotten that from Target but you’ll never wear it exactly like me.” And I love that!

IMG_2393 (1)

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Style Spotlight: Bessie Akuba Winn-Afeku

I’ve met many people in my life but I never thought I would come across meaningful people through social media. I would read this particular woman’s tweets and think, man, she sounds like someone I could hang out with in real life. And we did finally have lunch. Sure enough, her personality online matched her real life persona. I love when that happens. Fast forward to this present moment and she’s still someone who inspires me. She knows what she wants, she’s aware of her intrinsic power and then she makes magical things happen.

Glad to have this creative lady in my life.


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Style Spotlight: Verbatum Jones

Ever met someone that you just knew would be in your life a little while longer than the rest? Like, you guys just connect on so many different levels? The energy is just right.  I’m pretty sure I met this guy on Twitter through mutual friends. We met (in real life) the Summer of 2011 and it was just an immediate connection. I’ve never met a soul as cool and comfortable as his. Meet my first male feature and ever so humble friend, Verb.

Image by Daniel Wooden.
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