End of the month review

One of my favorite blogs to read is by Nicole Antoinette of A Life Less Bullshit blog. Besides the fact that her main objective is living a bullshit-free life (lol to the name), she is completely transparent and 100% dedicated to helping you and I stop living these fake ass lives. Today I received an email from her about a monthly review of the goals that she set for herself and her blog. I thought it was awesome of her to share it with us and now I’m sharing it with you. Check out the template for yourself, then read mine below.


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Ghost writer wednesday


I’ve been trying to find a way to make this blog a more interactive experience and my friend Lydie gave me the BEST idea. As you know, I love to share whatever is beautiful on Lucy’s Pearls but I’d love for you to feel like you can share your thoughts on here as well.

So what is a ghost writer?

It’s a person whose job it is to write material for someone who is named author.

That’s not exactly what you’ll be doing here. Yes, your writing will be anonymous but I will not be taking credit for it.

Maybe you write for work and would love to write for pleasure but do not want to start a blog.

Maybe you just don’t want to start a blog but would love to get your thoughts out online.

Maybe what you want to write about doesn’t belong on your blog.

Maybe you’re just too shy and would much rather submit anonymously just because.

Maybe you just love reading this blog and you just want to be included, not just in the comments.

So many reasons!

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Style Spotlight: Thaina and Patrice Madere

Unless you’re Tia and Tamera Mowry, what sisters do you know that can coexist for long periods of time without killing each other? Long enough to make a blog together, no less. Thaina and Patrice makes sisterly love look so easy and enjoyable.


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The burning house

If your house were on fire and you had to make a mad dash to the door, what you would take with you? That’s the question on The Burning House site.

the burning house

Assuming that you’re already full clothed, what would you take? Something vain? Something sentimental? Something useful?

I haven’t submitted mine yet but I know what I’d take with me.

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Style Spotlight: Channing Hargrove

Sometimes I watch Sex and the City and pretend that I am Carrie Bradshaw. I mean, what’s not to love about her? She’s a 30-something colorful writer and fashionista flourishing in New York City. Yes, it’s fiction but what a fabulous life to live! Channing no longer has to daydream though; she is living out her Carrie life in the city that never sleeps.


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Style Spotlight: Chanel Robinson

I saw her hair before I saw her. And honey, there’s no better way to grab my attention than with a banging coiffure. I then noticed her style and thought hey, she’s refreshing, and I dig it. Meet Chanel.


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Women to watch at honey bubble

Diamonde Williamson, founder of Pledge to be Bella, put on yet another successful women to watch event. I admire her so much because she is a go getter. She speaks life into her dreams and ultimately receives everything she asks for and more. She loves loves loves to empower women and it genuinely shows. I appreciate her so much for connecting women in Atlanta. Much success to you, boo.

photo 2 (19)

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Style Spotlight: Whitney Douglas

When I think of happiness and what it would look like, I imagine Starbursts, the tropical flavor. Or maybe happiness is like payday with a side of a free lunch. It could be seeing the smile on someone’s face; it automatically makes you happy. Whit is happiness personified. She embodies what living a good life looks like.

photo (10)

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Style Spotlight: Rashad & Justin

I remember really seeing Rashad for the first time. He was preaching but I couldn’t help but notice his suit and pinky ring. What? Pimp. And Justin…I probably heard him before I saw him, lol. No two friends could be more opposite in personality (to me) than Rashad and Justin. Eleven years of friendship later, they are killing the scene together. Check their foot work.


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Pampered pearls event: THANK YOU

It’s over. You guys came and supported me (with a five-day notice, no less), and I’m extremely grateful. I’ve learned so many lessons from hosting my first blog event. I’ll share some in a bit but first, my thank you’s.

None of this would be possible without my planner, Tara, who got me the wonderful event space. Thank you for your patience with my moments of frustration. Thank you to Yolanda of Iwi Fresh for reminding me to relax and providing WONDERFUL service for all of my guests. Thank you to Erica Cross of Sweet Bites Boutique for the tasty cake pops. With my favorite color and cute pearls, to boot! Thank you to Kevin Taylor of Kevin Taylor Photography for the lovely photos below. I never even noticed you taking any of the candid shots. Great eye! Thank you Carol’s Daughter for all of the many samples for the gift bags. My hair is loving the Monoi oil and Chocolat blow dry cream. Thank you to Aaren Camille of Camille’s Closet for the nail polish that I raffled off. None of this would be possible without you all. I hope you all enjoyed the Oyin Handmade hair products that I provided in the gift bags as well.

Most importantly, THANK YOU ALL for showing up and getting pampered. Because this was an interactive event, getting a service done was part of the fun.

If you didn’t know about Iwi Fresh before, you know now. Support your local businesses financially, not just verbally.


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