Living Walls Atlanta

In the heart of many culturally aware neighborhoods in Atlanta, you will discover numerous creatively decorated public buildings. A myriad of communities in Atlanta utilize blank building space to display their art. This art is used to promote and educate the people of Atlanta of street art. We can thank the awesome folks at Living Walls for that.

wall art

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You can play with it

photo (1)

Pretty excited about seeing my face on one of my favorite blogs site. Even more excited to be involved in friend Vaughn Dabney’s natural hair documentary, ‘Play With It‘. Remember I said to stay tuned? Well the documentary comes out this Fall. Congrats to Vaughn and much success in everything you do! Check out the teaser below.

In my makeup bag

Many people tell me that I have really nice skin. I truly appreciate that but it wasn’t always easy. I didn’t have problem skin until college. When it got bad, I got meds from the derm that not only cleared my skin but made it amazingly dewy to the touch. When I felt like my skin was clear enough, I stopped using the meds.

They always say, don’t fix what ain’t broke…or something like that. One day, I decided to see if my meds would still work although I didn’t need it. WELP. I totally jacked up my face. But in one week’s time, I cleared it up again, this time using all natural products.

So anyway, ever since then, I’ve pretty much had clear skin. I’m not really big on makeup so I like to keep my face simple. Over the years, I’ve tried several products and I eventually settled on what works best for my face.

Gone are the days that I just wear a tinted moisturizer to work. Trying to be a grown up now, lol. Granted, I still love my MakeUp Forever foundation, I just refuse to buy a new bottle. I’ve had the same one for THREE years.

My makeup bag looks a little different now. I don’t have the energy to do a tutorial but I will tell you (in order) what I use to achieve my everyday face.


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[GIVEAWAY - CLOSED] Pampered pearls gift bags

I haven’t forgotten all of you that could not make it to my event due to my last minute planning (on my part). So many of you have said that you would have come if you’d known or had more notice. Very sweet of you. You’re also in luck. I still have goodies from the event that I want to give to you. Of course, as in life, there are rules. But first, what’s inside the bag.

Processed with VSCOcam with 7 preset Processed with VSCOcam with 7 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with 7 preset Processed with VSCOcam with 7 preset

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Weekend at a glance: green thumb #62

In another life, I was a 1950s housewife. One who loved slim waist cut floral print dresses, had pumpkin pie scented hair and just a tiny bit of dirt under her nails from playing in the garden. I’ve lived this life for a long time in my head.

As part of my pledge to do 28 acts of random kindness, I found a community garden for weekend volunteer work.


I volunteered at the Edgewood Community Garden with a group of high school students from a gifted program. One of the first youths I spoke with was Tasha. She attends the Carver School of the Arts and will be attending Spelman college after graduation. I was really impressed with her as well as the other students and what they were doing for the community.

photo (42)

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Nailed it

On any given day, my favorite nail color would be nude. I want to say I have over 40 bottles of polish but I rarely wear them. My patience has greatly waned these days. Gone are the times when I would stay at home on a Friday night and give my nails some TLC like I used to. But I love buying polish.

One of my most recent purchases is No Place Like Chrome by Essie. Only once I get back into my groove will I attempt to add designs.

photo (39)


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Weekend at a glance: laughter #58


I’m so glad I got the opportunity to see the Atlanta Ballet. Thanks to Mattie of the Atlanta Style Bloggers, I was about to see an amazing performance by the New Choreographic Voices. MAN. I’ll discuss it in Wednesday’s post. It was absolutely phenomenal.

The best and most hilarious part was when my friend Naomie (see: short girl; red pants) got chosen to go on stage and dance. I could not stop laughing. Most importantly, I couldn’t stop thanking Jesus that it wasn’t me the dancer picked. I can’t dance to save my life.

photo (23)


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Weekend at a glance: stylin’ #52

Being the obsessive person that I am, it still surprises me that I’m not more gung-ho about hair length. I’ve never really cared about hair. But now that it’s back, I’m pretty excited to have it, lol. Seventeen months after my last big chop and I’m finally starting to see progress. Now that I have some length, it’s becoming a bit easier to play around with different hairstyles. Not too much though. I still hate doing hair. My go-to style is usually a twist out. This time around, I got one of the best results yet. To achieve the look, I blow-dried my hair straight and used eco styler gel to twist.

photo (1)

This year, I styled my hair in five (count em) protective styles. A record and a blessing for me.

photo (2)

Friday night, I came across a ‘Fluffy Cropped Fro‘ tutorial on Youtube and decided to try it. First, I set my two-day old twist out on rods, moisturizing with coconut oil. I flat-twisted my hair in the front. The next day, I separated each twist and fluffed them to give it body. I pinned down the sides for a tapered look.


Saturday, I had to get FOUR (count em) fillings placed in my mouth. As the procedure progressed, I felt as if my face was beginning to swell. The dentist assured me that my face was fine. So why did it feel like my face was swelling, dentist??? While he took a break, I quickly stole a glance at my face and it was indeed swollen. HE LIED. And three days later, if I press too hard on my cheeks, I hit a nerve. I’m gonna have to sue somebody.

Anyway. Slightly swollen face and all, I managed to get myself together to attend a charity mixer called the Red Tie Soiree on Sunday. The attire: red & black. But I’m thinking, red is such a loud color. The only thing I want red are panties and Ruby Woo lipstick. So…

photo (3)

Oh. Hey Kirk. Hey Tara.

photo (4)


Voila. My weekend.


Weekend at a glance – thrifting #45

What a fun-filled weekend I had on 7.14! #latepost

I was able to support the lovely Erica of The Fly’s Nest and Jessica of Urben Inventory at their trunk show. Then, I stopped by the Atlanta Street Food Festival for some chow and a little more thrifting.

I’m really big on lashes because I have huge eyes and supposedly long lashes. My eyes are one of my best features so I like to make them pop. On any given day, I’m wearing three different brands of mascara. A friend recently put me on to Maybelline’s Lots of Lashes mascara and boy am I SOLD! It did an amazing job at separating each lash to make them look even more full.

Finally got to see Beasts of the Southern Wild. I highly recommend you seeing that movie! I may or may not have shed a tear or two. You decide.

Woot for my $5 bird necklace find! New fave.

Weekend at a glance: #SBOC12 #44

What do you call a weekend with fabulously dressed women speaking about blogging? A damn good time is what I call it! This past weekend, I attended the first annual Style Bloggers of Color conference, also known as #Mattiepalooza.

So there’s this wonderful woman named Mattie, who figured, hey, Atlanta doesn’t have a style bloggers conference. Gasp! So she created one and we thank her for it.

Friday night, we kicked it off with a fashion show, then an all day conference on Saturday with amazing speakers and finally a brunch on Sunday with the lovely Claire Sulmers of The Fashion Bomb Daily. Google her.

Since this is just a re-cap, I will not post every picture I took. Plus, you should’ve been there! ;) There’s always next year.

Tavia, my lacefront, had to make a special appearance.

A wealth of information from our awesome panelists.

Fly girls. Jessica, Fly Won and Jillian.

My shirt was a hit.

These chics rock! Danica, KristenKim and Mae.

The gorgeous ladies at my table for brunch. Jarette, Parker, Stephanie, Jillian and Dominique.

*squeal* Claire Sulmers, ladies and gentleman.

Thank you SO MUCH, Mattie! I had a blast.

To see more photos, check out Mattie’s post, the Style Bloggers of Color website and fan page.

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