Unless you’re Tia and Tamera Mowry, what sisters do you know that can coexist for long periods of time without killing each other? Long enough to make a blog together, no less. Thaina and Patrice Madere make sisterly love look so easy and enjoyable.

secrets des soeurs thaina and patrice

Tell us your name, where you’re from and what you do.

We are Thaina and Patrice Madere. As a unit, we are the new bloggers and Youtubers of SecretsDesSoeurs!  We’re sisters originally from Boston, Mass but we’ve made a home in California. We’re also Haitian- American and proud of it!

Thaina: I am the older sister and I am studying for the LSAT to pursue my dream as a lawyer. During my free time, I enjoy creating and fitness.

Patrice:  I am the younger sister, I’m currently fulltime student at La Sierra University studying social work and I also work full-time as a caretaker. I enjoy doing makeup and spending time with good people.

How would you describe your style?

Thaina: I’ve been told that my style is eclectic and feminine. I think my style changes based on how I feel but definitely gravitate towards a hodgepodge of vintage with a modern flair. There’s nothing like giving a great and timeless dress new life!

secrets des soeurs thaina and patrice

Patrice:  I really don’t know how to describe my style.  I’ve been told I dress modern/sexy. I honestly just wear whatever makes me feel good most of that time it’s monochromatic or black and white.

secrets des soeurs thaina and patrice

What celebrity inspires your style and why?

Thaina: This is hard one for me. I can’t say that any celebrity inspires my style. I find my inspiration in shapes, colors, patterns and places. I respect artists like Solange and Rihanna because the dress unapologetically. Whatever they wear, they where with confidence and own it.

Patrice:  I don’t look to celebrities for style inspiration but the one celebrity style I appreciate is Kim Kardashian, she wears a lot of black and white. I love the classic and clean look and a black and white fit just does it for me.

secrets des soeurs thaina and patriece

If you had to give all of your clothes away, what are five things that you would keep?

Thaina: Aghhhh!!!! Only 5?!

  • Kurt Geiger heels
  • Black 80’s jumpsuit
  • Diane Von Furstenberg Holiday dress
  • Neon Aqua by Aqua dress
  • White vintage suit

Patrice: I’d probably just keep the basic items needed to survive…any pair of jeans, a dress, sweater, shirt and leggings. Now if this question were about makeup, I’d have a bigger problem choosing. lol

What does having style mean to you?

Thaina: I believe that having style is telling a story with your wardrobe.

To have style is to express the aspects that make you, you. It is dressing how you feel first, even if it isn’t what’s trendy.

Patrice: I believe having style is being able to wear what makes you comfortable and wearing it with confidence.

What advice would you give to someone trying to find their own style?

Thaina: It isn’t necessary to spends loads of money when building your wardrobe.  Stay true to yourself and remember that what we wear is the impression we leave before speaking. If your style were your voice, what would you want to tell people about you?

Patrice: JUST WEAR IT! If you like it, put it on, be yourself and own it. When you’re comfortable it’s easier to be confident and when you’re confident, you glow.

secrets des soeurs thaina and patrice


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