I remember really seeing Rashad for the first time. He was preaching but I couldn’t help but notice his suit and pinky ring. What? Pimp. And Justin…I probably heard him before I saw him, lol. No two friends could be more opposite in personality (to me) than Rashad and Justin. Eleven years of friendship later, they are killing the scene together. Check their foot work.

justin stringer and rashad burden

Tell us your name, where you’re from and what you do.

Rashad: My name is Rashad Burden and I am from Cleveland Ohio but currently live in Atlanta Georgia. I am the youth and young adult pastor of Progression Church.

justin stringer and rashad burden

Justin: Justin Ray Stringer, I’m from New York but I currently live in ATL. I’m a certified nursing assistant with hopes of becoming a film director/writer.

How would you describe your style?

Rashad: I would like to describe my style as versatile. I go through times where I’m identifying with different facets of style and fashion. From classic american biker to a texture infatuated prep feel….if that makes sense. I like to run the gamut.

justin stringer and rashad burden

Justin: Preppy. I dress like I own a Yacht.

justin stringer and rashad burden

What celebrity inspires your style and why?

Rashad: Ryan Gosling. The scene from “Crazy Stupid Love” where he’s in the mall with brown shoes and a black suit with brown accents is life. From what I’ve seen, even his “days off” are “on”, stylistically, and that’s inspiring. Between his consistency and the pushing of the envelope of Prince…that’s my celebrity inspiration.

justin stringer and rashad burden


Justin: Nick Wooster. He is style incarnate, incredibly cool, and how I want to look when I’m his age. He’s like 1880 and 2013 had a baby and made him.

If you had to give all of your clothes away, what are five things that you would keep?


  • Cole Haan Colton Saddle’s (my ride or die shoes)
  • Banana Republic trench coat (was a gift and takes any outfit to the next level)
  • Harris Tweed Blazer with black patches (goes with everything)
  • Grandpa Hat from express (adds personality to any get-up)
  • Baldwin for Gap Blue “Camo Utility Pant” (JUST got these & they’re amazing lol)


  • My Navy Blazer
  • My Khaki pants
  • My Suede Oxford Sperry’s
  • My all red socks
  • My floral print tie a friend made for me

justin stringer and rashad burden

What does having style mean to you?

Rashad: Style, in my opinion, is an outward expression of an inward disposition. So to “have” style would be to dress and carry yourself in such a manner that people have an accurate indicator of who you are even before they talk to you. This is not a license to judge but a charge to prepare to be judged.

justin stringer and rashad burden

Me: *dead and gone*

Justin: Remember when teachers would tell us not to color out of the lines? Well, style is just coloring out of the lines. Everyone can stay in the lines and keep it “proper” by dressing up, but style is more than just doing what everyone else can do.

What advice would you give to someone trying to find their own style?

Rashad: Make mistakes. Someone who doesn’t try & fail probably isn’t making progress. Some stuff will work & other stuff won’t. The more you try, the more your style will refine itself.

Justin: Don’t be afraid to ever look bad, you’ll just know what NOT to wear next time.

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A pleasure, gentleman.
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