I’m not sure what I was thinking at the time. I can’t really blame this experience on being young. This was only a month ago. I knew better. Learn from me. Here’s how you shouldn’t wear faux leather pants.

How Not to Wear Faux Leather Pants

Ladies……..cover your butt when you wear tights, leggings or in my case, faux leather pants. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a little more cushion, cover it up. It’s not cute. And if it’s winter time, your ass will freeze.

Evidently I thought I was cute. I look like I’m about to go on set for a sleezy music video, lol.

People ask me all the time: do you work out? are you a dancer? swimmer? Man, the only exercise I do consists of me opening and closing my mouth to eat. I do love to dance, in an awkward Jessica Day from New Girl kind of way. I couldn’t swim to save my life. And I’m from Florida.

A little faux thickness for your viewing pleasure.

Lesson of the day: laugh at yourself and then, don’t make the same mistakes again. Mkay?

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