Last Thursday, I saw Solange (Beyonce’s effervescent sister and my BFF in my head). Typically when I go to a concert, I’m pretty chill. A rock from side to side or a hand wave in the air here and there. But on Thursday……..honey.

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H&M top; Heart of Haiti (Macy’s) bracelet; F21 jeggings; Zara clutch; Target booties.

I should preface this by saying that I hate waiting. Sister girl made us sit pretty for two whole hours. But it was definitely worth the wait. Janelle Monae came to the stage to introduce the opening act, Roman GianArthur, from the Wondaland Arts Society. After hearing him perform a cover of Radiohead’s High & Dry, I’ve concluded that his voice is a mix of…D’Angelo, Prince and Eric Benet. His sound is funky and soulful, very similar to his label mate, Janelle Monae. Listen to his song I-69 here.

After Roman performed three songs, the big-haired, doe-eyed beauty magically appeared on the stage. I couldn’t see her but I knew she was on stage because the crowd went absolutely WILD. I mean, it was as if Beyonce herself joined Solange.

She started the show by singing one of my favorite songs, Don’t Let Me Down, from her latest project, True. She performed all of her classic hits from her previous album, Sol-Angel and The Hadley St Dreams, like T.O.N.Y., Sandcastle Disco and Cosmic Journey. She even threw us for a loop by angelically crooning her rendition of Selena’s If I Could Fall in Love.

Honestly, you should have just been there. This was by far one of the best shows I’ve ever attended. Solange is just so damn alluring. She interacted with the audience and made sure we were feeling her. It’s her energy. We don’t care about what she’s wearing, or how she’s dancing or what the hell she’s even saying. She just makes us FEEL. Your energy is what makes you interesting and attractive. I’ve never felt more welcomed by a performers energy. We were high!

I was a bit saddened that the show ended so quickly but I’m glad that it was upbeat the entire way through. She did come back on stage to perform Losing You. Look. This is when things really got wild. She let us know that she wanted us to take off our cool and dance like we’ve never danced before. When I say some men and women were set free that night. It was like a spiritual experience. The floors shook from all the dancing. We smiled, we laughed, we danced, we sweat, we had a blast.

My partner in crime, Nykita.

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P.S. Can I say how much I love Janelle Monae EVEN MORE for saying fuck, dancing and shaking her ass like she lost her damn mind?! LOVE HER!!!


I replay this night in my head over and over…