Put on a happy face

The theme for this week’s Fashion Beauty Friend Friday (FBFF) is ‘no makeup’, hosted by Oranges and Apples. I follow a lot of beauty bloggers so I’m pretty excited to see all the naked face pictures. I for one, have no idea what I’m doing with makeup. On a typical day, I’m a tinted moisturizer, blush and mascara girl. I prefer a natural-looking face over a perfectly made up one. And this is partly because I SUCK at makeup application. So I’ll stick with a boring face. Meh.

Here I am. Good mooooorninggggg! Fresh face. No make up. Eyebrows not threaded in WEEKS. Full mustache. Open pores. Fight me.

And because I simply cannot run the risk of running into The Attorney in the elevator with my face like that (judge me), I attempted to put on makeup. FAIL. I spared you by picking a “good” picture out of the bunch.

That’s all, folks. Happy 11.11.11.

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  1. Fabienne Jach Reply

    I’m loving seeing all these beautiful naked faces today! Thank you for baring it all:)

  2. You look so happy in all the photos, you have the most beautiful smile! thanks for taking part!

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