I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with paper.

Notebooks. Sticky notes. Planners. Stationary. Cards. You name it, I’ve got it stocked. My latest obsession is letterpress business cards. I’ve been researching design ideas for a new personal logo and every card I’ve seen on letterpress snagged my attention. It’s the unique design that screams vintage and memorable.

business card

I’m also fascinated by all aspects of design so how my words look on paper matters.

My first business cards were printed through MOO and I absolutely adored them. To date, MOO uses the best quality paper of all the popular printing companies, in my opinion. I’ve heard great things about Vistaprint, Zazzle and Overnight Prints as well. My second set of business cards were a rush print that I got from Office Max. Don’t sleep. Those cards were a hit. But I’m ready for something more sleek and professional.

When it comes to the perfect business cards, here’s what matters:

Logo. Your business card should reflect your brand and help tie-in the identity of your company. It is a symbol that makes your business memorable. Think of your business card as a snapshot of your site.

Design. Make your cards stand out by choosing the unique route. Ditch the traditional serif font. Play around with typography. Don’t be afraid to use colors. I was just thinking the other day how crazy that people can make a career out of doodling and call it graphic design. Shapes, lines and textures all matter. Get creative.

High-quality card stock. It’s impressive! Nothing like nice, thick paper. Plus, there is no need to purchase 250 thin cards that you’ll probably never give away. Start off small and build from there.

Simplicity. You can say a lot more with less. What’s most important is your name and number. Google can handle the rest.

So back to letterpress. Here are a few designs I was really impressed by.


business card



When it comes to business cards, what matters to you? What do you include on your card?