So today I read a piece online in Instyle¬†magazine about polka dots and I gasp because I just wore a polka dot top over the weekend. I didn’t even know it was in style ūüėČ I was going for the Janelle Monae¬†look (I like buttoning my shirts to the very top if I can) but I think my shirt was a liiiitle too snug.

I happen to like polka dots very much. Something about it screams femininity and playful. Beware, if you use polka dots improperly, you can look like a clown. Not cool. The larger the dot, the less likely your eyes will cross from polka dot overload.

Here are four ways I believe polka dots should be worn.

1. As a dress. Make it tight and form-fitting. Try cinching a belt around your waist to create a line of definition. Show those curves. Lol. I really like how Eva Mendes wore this navy and white polka dot dress. Very simple and classy but still very sexy.


2. As a top or bottom.¬†NOT BOTH. And yes, that’s different from wearing a dress. A dress is just one piece. Two separate¬†polka dot pieces is overwhelming. Where will you even find it?! I looove¬†how our First Lady wore this mint green skirt. That creme embellished shirt is rockin! Check out her pearls. She’s so cute.

3. As an accessory. And that’s whatever you deem an accessory to be. For me, nail designs are an accessory. It doesn’t always have to be apparent. Subtle is great too. I love Katy Perry!!!!

4. AS BIKINI! (just for grins and giggles)

How I wore it:

Black & pink polka dot quarter sleeve shirt from H&M

What do you think? Do you like to polka dot?