Pampered Pearls Event….with Me!

Join me for my first event EVER, Pampered Pearls. To say that I’m nervous is an understatement. I’m afraid no one will show. But who knows. Maybe you will. Maaaaybe, the cake pops that I’ll be having will be incentive enough?? How about mimosas??? Well, remember to save your paycheck (cuz I know you’re getting paid on Friday) and get a mani and pedi with me.


Please, don’t make me embarrassed 🙁

miss lucy


  1. I would be there if I could! I’ll email you in the next few days about October.

  2. Courtney Akinosho Reply

    I’d LOVE to go! But, I’ll be enjoying the scenery during our ride back to Atlanta from Montgomery Sunday afternoon. The recap will be fabulous though :-).

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