Are You Secure?

I realized the other day how strong women really are.

Imagine it: we give birth, we raise kids, we cook, we clean, we work, we stay when the love has left, we love, we nurture, we withstand abuse, we feel…period. Yet and still, [some] men have the AUDACITY to continue to mistreat us.

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Skin Care Update

Totally forgot to keep you all in the loop of my skin regimen.

So back in March, I made a post about the list of natural products that I was giving a try. I tested them in that order for about two months. My skin has definitely cleared up. See!!

how to clear your skin

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Naked Pt. 1

how to be transparent

So Friday night I attended a spoken word presentation at Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church by Destinations. It was called “Naked”. At first I was really confused as to what I was about to experience. But as the show went on, I realized it really didn’t have a sexual connotation at all (well, some parts were sexual but that wasn’t the overall message). In this context, being naked reveals one’s true self that is often hidden. It is full disclosure, no secrets, no cover ups.

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I haven’t blogged in a very long time. My life definitely changed during the last month or so.

After I let go of my situation (unemployment), I got hired at a law firm on March 29th. You can’t tell me God isn’t good all the time! It’s just crazy that when we try to take things into our own hands, our plans fail. But when we rely on Christ, nothing can stop us from succeeding.

I serve a great God! Although I’m unworthy, He sees fit to continually bless me.

Hopefully I will come back and blog later on this week.


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Natural Beauty

I. Love. Nature.

Something about all the natural elements that make photography a much easier task, or not a task at all. We’ve had so much snow in Atlanta this year that I took every opportunity to capture what could best be described as God’s masterpiece. How else can you explain the natural beauty of all His many wonders?

Natural Beauty

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Laundry Day!


doing laundry

Don’t laugh but….this was my first time going to the laundry mat since I was about 14 years old…ten years ago. What an adventure! Who knew washing clothes en masse could be so much fun! And the smell of Downy drenched, hot and freshly folded sheets.

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Depression Recession

recession 2009

On August 28, 2009, I packed up my stuff from my corporate america job and said my final goodbyes. My manager cried because there was nothing she could do to keep me. My closest co-worker cried because she would really miss me. The other associates rallied up and gave me nice farewell gifts. Today, March 16, 2010, seven months later, I still do not have a job.

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The Journey to Clear Skin: So Damn Unpretty Pt 2

It’s been a week and I’ve seen such great improvement in my skin! First, let me tell you all my skin regimen and the products that work for me.

Being that I am crazy about natural or mostly natural products, I chose to use an array of products that would illustrate that. Initially I was going to try all Kiss My Face products but I couldn’t find it in stock at the store.

So, my regimen goes as follows:

I used those everyday, in that order.  Here is how my skin has improved.

  • Day Five–no more dry patches or dark spots
  • Day Eight–skin is dewy, without make up


how to clear your skinhow to clear your skin

how to clear your skinhow to clear your skin

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The Journey to Clear Skin: So Damn Unpretty

Once upon a time, I could leave my house sans make up, like so:

how to clear your skin

I am obsessed with a pretty face. No…really. Great skin is VERY important to me. Because I rock a short do, my face is the first thing people notice about me. Most people that see me think I have perfect skin. Au contraire my dear friends! Everyone struggles with their skin on different levels. I did not have acne growing up or in my teens. But once I hit my 20’s, I was hit with scarring and cystic acne that really blew my confidence. I finally got fed and went to see a dermatologist last year. One of the best decisions of my life!

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