9:37pm EST 10.17.12

It’s almost ten pm est and I cannot sleep. Not sure where I am. In the sky somewhere, on my way to Frankfurt, Germany. I did really good with this flight. I made it to the airport on time. Checked my one suitcase and it was smooth sailing from there.

frankfurt germany

I will say though, connecting flights on extended trips like these are the worst. I flew from Atlanta to Newark and now to Germany. I want to sleep but I can’t. Had I gotten a direct flight like when I flew to London, I would be knocked out right now.

I’ve watched two movies: Brave and People Like Us. I read a few chapters from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. And I listened to Tony Braxton and Adele. Now I don’t know what to do. These seats hurt my back and it’s too cold to lean my head against the window. I want to stretch my legs so bad. Ugh.

“Close your eyes and think of me and you.” That worked once. Lets see…

11:10pm EST

It didn’t work. Well, kinda. I slept through about eight Stevie Wonder songs.

Our male flight attendant is really funny. Earlier for dinner he announced that we’d be having steak and potatoes. I started doing a happy dance in my head. When the female attendant came around, I was more than eager to tell her that I wanted steak. I figured, although lobster would be amazing, it would be too messy. So imagine my surprise when she asked if I wanted beef or chicken. Im sorry?! He tricked meee!  Well, trick me once, shame on you. Trick me TWICE, shame on me. For breakfast, we were supposed to have bacon and eggs. Instead, we got the smallest croissant ever created and a bowl of fruit. Ashton, where are you?

5:55am CEST 10.18.12

We landed an hour early in Frankfurt. Long story short, I got to see my good friend Bessie, rode on the autobahn and walked around a bit. I will be back!

frankfurt germany frankfurt germany2:15pm CEST 10.18.12

Dude!!! Lufthansa is THE best airline I have ever flown on! No seriously. Does it get better than this?! After spending a few hours in Frankfurt with my friend Bessie, I boarded the flight to Nigeria. Immediately I noticed the wide aisles and seats. When we took off, I noticed that Germany has so much more greenery than America. More and more, America is becoming less appealing to me. 🙁

I’ve been fighting the urge to fall asleep for some time now. I don’t want to be jet-lagged so I’m staying awake or at least trying to. I took a quick nap and when I looked out of my window, I saw nothing but white tops! The Alps, perhaps? I don’t know but it was beautiful.

The flight attendant announced that we would be served a light lunch. That was definitely unexpected. I heard the menu and assumed that maybe this lady is a prankster like the attendant on my previous flight. But NO. I really received lamb. LAMB. Actually, there was nothing “light” about my meal. I’m so shocked and happy!!! The best part is that there is FREE wine and no one asked me for ID!!! Yup, I’m slightly tipsy but its okay.

frankfurt germany plane

The flight attendant just convinced me to continue eating this raspberry cream thingie. I’m not a big fan of sweets but its…interesting.

Oh, I forgot to mention about this hot wet wipe. I saw the attendant coming down the aisle with it but I had no idea what for. After observing the people, I realized it was to wipe your face. I guess a quick clean up. I don’t know. I followed the crowd.

I’m watching the absolute worst movie: Moonrise Kingdom. Meh!!!!

I want more wine and I’m ready to sleep the rest of the way.

As a departing “light snack”, they offered a slice of pizza. I kindly declined. There is too much going on in my stomach right now. I did take the gummy bears and chocolate. Best. Treatment. Ever.


6:33pm WAT 10.18.12

Landed in Lagos without any issues. There was a man waiting for me when I arrived. Not much to say about it just yet except that traffic is truly a nightmare. I should probably not complain about Atlanta traffic in comparison to how long I spent in the car.

11:55pm WAT 10.18.12

I am finally getting sleepy. Everyone else is knocked out. Tomorrow is a new day, new adventure.